Scubapro MK2 EVO 1ST Stage Review

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Scubapro MK2 EVO 1ST Stage Review
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The Scubapro Mk2 EVO 1st Stage is a compact piston first stage with their EVO XTIS treatment for improved efficiency and coldwater performance. At home in both warm and cold water, the Mk 2 is small and light, perfect for your first regulator or as a stage cylinder’s 1st stage.

The Mk2 is a perfect 1st stage for beginner divers buying their first regulator and for divers who need a compact, reliable 1st stage for a stage cylinder or pony. It can be used in warm or cold water.

The Mk2 is compatible with any Scubapro 2nd Stage, any SPG, any 3/8″Low-Pressure Hose (but Scubapro Superflow Hoses are recommended), any 7/16″High-Pressure Hose with Gauges.

The Mk2 is just a 1st stage so you will need hoses and 2nd stages and an SPG. 1st stages will arrive with one port left open without a plug for safety.

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Written By: Mark Newman
Presented By: Mark Newman
Filmed By: Shaun Johnson
Edited By: Shaun Johnson


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