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A komputer a dekós merülés tervezését nem támogatja, de a “bajba jutott” búvár felemelkedését levezényli. A felvétel a komputer kijelzéseit mutatja be dekóba csúszás esetén.

Rating: 4.30

  1. Scott R says

    Great video to illustrate showing what the sequence of numbers are during a deco stop dive. I would need to really relax my breathing to get 77 minutes of dive time.

  2. Khalid Alaudin says

    Great video .. thanks

  3. MisterBenne says

    What exactly does this no deco time mean? At Depth 49m you Need 1 min deco? This Digits on Display are irritating

  4. steven corbett says

    No sound

  5. Francis Ho says

    at minutes 9:03, is that mean the diver need to stay 43 minutes at the depth of 9.9 Meters?

  6. zigydk says

    Thank you. I have a Gekko and was wondering how it looks. This is so much clearer than reading the manual.

  7. Krzysztof Białecki says

    Great movie. Thanks!

  8. Djordje Capakovic says

    Very usefull….thank you so much..!!..:-)

  9. Norbert Csida says

    really interesting and helpful! thank you

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