Key West Free Dive Snorkel at Ft. Zachary Taylor

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On our most recent Key West trip we stopped at Ft. Zachary Taylor beach where our buddy suggested we do some snorkeling. This was the most amount of fish in a small area I have ever seen on a snorkel! It is a quick swim out from the shore to the rocks and prepare to be amazed. Large schools of fish, lobsters, colorful and tropical fish all within a small area. The park has a snack bar and gear rental, so don’t worry about bringing a ton of stuff with you. This isn’t a heavy tourist beach compared to other parts of Key West. I hope you enjoy the sights and snorkel as much as I did!

Rating: 4.34

  1. mk b says

    bub badi badi bubs Hai

  2. Roberto Garcia says

  3. miamiwax says

    Tries to swim under water and floats back up to the top. Lol

  4. Paulo Henrique says


  5. UPI 2k17 says

    Sweet vid. Love your skin and beauty!

  6. Videosss says

    Entre para verle las chichotas

  7. Thomas Gatling says

    Your videos are so soothing

  8. Sacha Novak says

    a real shark

  9. WorldFamous Gamer says

    i've been single all my life, i hope there's lots of real women that won't mind giving me a great time,ugh. wish me luck y'all. 8:::::)

  10. Jeep Life71 says

    Beautiful flotation devices.

  11. I am Groot says

    Does she have instagram?

  12. slag man says

    Next time you go snorkeling with the fish bring hotdogs with you. They love them and will eat right out of your hands!…

  13. Jay Hop says

    I mostly see 2 puffer fish

  14. bulletbass76 says

    yall ever bass fish

  15. Eesa Mack says

    Who's here before 1 million views???

  16. Ripon Das says


  17. Yan C Ooz says

    and zat fun!

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