Tutorial – DIY – Melt your own Diving Weight – Quick release Camouflage

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This is a Tutorial how you melt your own Diving Weight from lead with a Quick release for Spearfishing, Scuba, Freediving and Apnoe.
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Some ordinary diver led:
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Greetings Chris

Rating: 4.78

  1. German Spearfishing Channel says

    Buy a cheap Quick Release Belt here: http://amzn.to/2eSvpSO

    Some ordinary diver led: http://amzn.to/2eUa23M
    You will find more amazing Spearfishing Content on my German/English Blog:


    Searching for Spearfishing Spots/ Tutorials? You will find my amazing Spearfishing Spot Maps on:


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    Greetings Chris

  2. AllNight21 says

    U should save those musket balls

  3. Rich Freeman says

    Seems like your wax is not working properly….but anyway…good job.

  4. Johan Aleman says

    Great job dude

  5. Franziskus Vonnegut says

    Why do you speak English?

  6. xil fred says

    Loving your videos man

  7. Rick Robison says

    Brilliant idea! I made three using my old 177 and 22 pellets and some fishing weights, melted lead in an old cooking pot then filled 3 empty tins, worked great.

  8. Brett Ryder says

    not the musket balls and amunition

  9. BADR ETTAYAB says

    is good

  10. Bernhard Hofmann says

    The simplest, and probably BEST design I've seen. It's such a PITA to change weights when you dive with different wetsuits or gear. This is excellent!

  11. sean strickland says

    Doesn't tin have a lower melting point than lead?????

  12. sean strickland says

    Thank you for this 🙂

  13. Zbairi Simo says

    really good chanel keep the good job man 😀

  14. Altin Piraniqi says

    great vid

  15. stefano giovannini says

    Nice, but I wonder if you could have sold those old musket bullet balls on ebay to collectors for 10 Euros each and you'd been able to buy 10 kg of lead weights!

  16. Dirty Blond says

    I wouldnt count on that staying put myself. And if you're dependent on that to maintain a slight negative bouyancy at the end of your dive, and it releases, youre screwed…

  17. JulianBamLover r says

    Glückwunsch zu exakt 800 Subs 😀

  18. raphael drayton says

    You make really good videos

  19. Chris on TOUR says

    sehr cooles video.
    Ich werde mir auch bald mal mit diesem verfahren neue Bleie gießen.

  20. abd mug says

    Great job

  21. sameh badr says

    Really cool ..and diy.

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