The Pre-Dive Weight Check

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More on the Pre-Dive Weight Check skill:

The ability to achieve and maintain neutral buoyancy throughout a dive depends on proper weighting. And the best time to gear up in the correct amount of weight is before you enter the water — not once you’ve entered and you’re bobbing like a cork or dropping like a stone. Rather than wasting time attempting to fix a weighting problem during a dive, we suggest you spend a short amount of time beforehand, conducting a predive weight check. You’ll enjoy the feelings of freedom and ease associated with being neutrally buoyant, and you’ll be able to perform a proper safety stop, too.

This video is for demonstration purposes only and is not intended to replace formal scuba instruction. For more information, contact your local dive center.

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  1. Stinky Pete says

    So the BCD is completely deflated….???

  2. Alex Supremo says

    I like your video but the red suit color and pattern freak me out

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