Full Body Face Mask Challenge (Blackhead Peel Off Mask)

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This is one of the most painful thing the guys have tried!!! A simple face mask turns into a painful blackhead removal LOL!!!! Who would have guessed it also remove hair!!!! So funny a must watch video!!! Go grab up a Hoodie or T-Shirt @

Rating: 4.84

  1. Lanard Cruse says

    Trey is so awesome. Make me think about my brother Chris.

  2. Elizabeth Maguire says

    Brave, brave men…. and where do you find them? KENTUCKY!!

  3. Shaun Holbrook says

    I have laughed so hard at these two doing this.

  4. davidca96 says


  5. tina cline says

    Oil will remove it

  6. tina cline says

    Karma for slappin him in the head so much

  7. Allen Napier says

    All bronze no brains ha ha ha

  8. Carson GRAY says

    trey treats dumb dumb like absolute dog shit and it makes me mad that he smacks him

  9. Maxboon Boon says

    Ooh i have enjoyed this one perhaps gonna watch it again.
    Greetings,, Kitty.

  10. Randall Jones says

    Imagine getting a tattoo on your back or side! I was squirming like that when I got inked lmfao!

  11. Weez Dajooz says

    Doc Brown made this look easy in 2015

  12. Debbie Dunn says

    Lol… This is hilarious!! Once again you all had me laughing so hard my eyes watered

  13. Tangiwai Needham says

    hahahahaha, the chit u 2 get up too.

  14. Kendra Stevens says

    Tighty whities, REALLY?!? At your age??

  15. Auto Phonic says

    Best vid yet! Rewatched it. Thanks.

  16. Deborah Beaulieu says

    I hope you do not have to clean up after these two?

  17. John Smith says

    I can't believe I went to school with these guys … crazy. Funny video.

  18. Red Prepp/nett says

    Got a challenge for yall 100 layer wax challenge se if you are up for that

  19. John Weeks says

    Gorilla tape full body challenge dum dum HAHAHA

  20. Kendra Thompson says

    What's with the name calling? It's like a guy that becomes a cop because he was bullied in school and can't get over it.

  21. Terri Mammarelli says

    Omg…. Nooooooooo LMMFGDAO I CAN'T STOP LMMFGDAO. Them slaps are to funny

  22. Terri Mammarelli says

    I fell when I seen you in ur Whitey tighties….! LMMFGDAO omfg I'm dead asf watching this one HAAAAHAAAHAA HILARIOUS!

  23. Terry Collage says

    Hey dum dum put some pants on that would be way better

  24. Tyrome Butler says

    This challenge was funny, Trey stopped crying all the time it's not dumb dumb fault.But take it like a champ big guy.lmbo

  25. Zach S says


  26. Kenneth Bentley says

    Trey grow a set. If your balls was as big as your arms and chest this channel wouldn't be half as annoying lol

  27. Debi Weaver says

    OUCH that looked like that hurt alot, this is crazy! much like that condom challenge! your very lucky to still have your foot, still funny tho, you guys are amazing and your dog is so beautiful! <3 You guys are very creative and awsome, keep up the AMAZING work guys! <3

  28. annkus3 says

    Everyone is doing it wrong, you push your skin down as you pull it off less pain.

  29. Saudade73 says

    Should have left it on about 10 or 15 more mins.

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