SUUNTO D4i NOVO – new dive-computer 2014

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In 2014 SUUNTO has launched a new all-rounder – dive-computer for divers, spearfishers and freedivers – D4i NOVO. It comes in new fresh colors and design – black, white, blue and lime.
In this video you will see a presentation of the SUUNTO D4i NOVO, new model of one of the most popular dive-computers in the world.
You can get new D4i NOVO in the biggest dive store in Baltic States – BATISKAF or buy it online at

Rating: 4.31

  1. Seren Crawford says

    I have one and it is really nice to wear/use

  2. Neoptolemus says

    Guys I want to say that just for the trivia. Batiskaf is a greek word. Bathi is deep and Skafos is vessel in Greek.

  3. cruzie27 says

    Great looking model,. The watch/computer looks good too!

  4. Murat Demirağ says

    It is very good to hear such a re-design from a company like Suunto. Suunto D4i is a helpful and easy-to-use dive computer especially for beginners. 

    Now with colors and soft silicone strap, Suunto D4i Novo is better and cooler!

    I wanted to share some pros and cons about the Suunto D4i (not Novo), because Novo is exactly the same in function. 


    * Very light (can be used in daily life, too)
    *Wireless transmitter option
    *Included free dive and Nitrox mode 


    *Doesn't have a navigation mode (like a digital compass)
    *Display is a little bit of small
    *Costs more than the alternatives 

    Thank you for this helpful video.

    You can read my Suunto D4i Novo full review from the link below:

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