How to Install Optical Lenses In a Scuba Diving Mask

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This instructional video demonstrates how to properly install optical lenses into your scuba diving mask.

Optical lenses in your scuba mask allow you to not wear glasses or contacts while diving.

There are a variety of compatible masks to choose from with many options for nearsightedness or farsightedness. We also carry dive masks that are compatible with bifocal lenses.

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  1. Kevan McLean says

    Thanks, good video, you explained everything  I needed to know, appreciated.

  2. HanShen - says

    How about Cressi Focus Mask? Do you have the tutorial? Thanx

  3. crawford8able says

    This video was very helpful, thanks so much.
    My wife bought a lens adjusted mask in '98,
    now (2012) she wanted to snorkel with contact lens.
    I thought I'd have to visit a dive shop but with your help I could manage alone!

  4. chinh101 says

    when you say optical lenses, do you mean near sighted lenses for the visually impared ?

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