My Personal Dive Computers

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My Personal Dive Computers

These are the personal dive computers I use on any given dive.

Mares Matrix

Mares Smart

Mares Puck Air

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  1. Hellrazor says

    Hey @LakeHickoryScuba Im watching deco methods on DAN channel, and they mentioned that some dive computers use different safety methods. I didn't know about the different models when I bought it. Im very new BUT, Im going in 100%, looking to do this professionally. What deco model does The Mares Mission Puck 2 (the Dive comp. I bought) have? Is it a haldane or bubble model? … am I asking the wrong question ? cuz Simon Mitchel showed it very clearly that those bubble models look great on paper, but faulty IRL diving. Thank You Bryan! Shoutout to the family!

  2. Edric William Chong says

    Hi Bryan, is there any particular reason you don’t use an air integrated dive computer with a transmitter? I’m looking into investing in one but I’m still trying to weigh out the pros and cons. Appreciate your feedback. Love your videos!

  3. David Kohanbash says

    Thank you for your informative videos.
    I am looking to purchase my first computer. I only do recreational diving (air and enriched air). I was planning on getting the mares puck pro. Is there a good reason to go for a more expensive model instead?

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