1. Jossy says

    i love this guy he is a great speaker

  2. Colton Riley says

    I have kick fins for a fishing tube they are long and harder then free diving fins will they still work for free diving ?

  3. Marsha Kerr says

    You're amazing thanks so much for helping me find the right fin and mask from one of your other video….Wish you could ship to my country 🙁

  4. TheMrExys says

    That fin is used by many technical and military divers, only in black color.

  5. grimlund says

    2:18 LOL…That fin looked like a toy…

  6. alasdair geddes says

    this guy is funny- never blinks, like a robot. very informative videos as well.

  7. Pétros says

    hello I'm an advanced open water scuba diver and i was normally renting the eqipment to finish my dives there…now i would like to know what would be the top brands because i was looking into buying A mask,snorkle, boots and dive computer

  8. Alex Rigert says

    @cookiepwnsU Yeh it's the shampoo and coditioner thing but with fins 🙂

  9. Steven Simpson says

    very helpful!

  10. Leisure Pro says

    Generally body boarding fins are not a good choice for Scuba as they are too small and don't have enough power to move you with all the gear on. To top it off usually they are designed to go on your bare foot so if you ever dive in colder waters you will be unable to fit a dive boot in the fin.

  11. Tlahuizcalpantecutli Sanchez says

    This is great !!!
    Thank you

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