Full Face Mask Diving and Underwater Communications

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Ocean Reef full face mask gives amazing clarity and vision underwater, allows you to chat to your buddy and lets you breath through your nose.
Courses available through www.oysterdiving.com

Rating: 3.20

  1. Topher Jones says

    Well, that was 2 minutes and 37 seconds of my life I'll never get back. Talk about misleading title. There was absolutely zero information given.

  2. Daveinstructor says

    I've had one for a year or so, I still have to teach with conventional kit but I really look forward to my dives with my Ocean Reef.

  3. thomas petroff jr says

    Yeah, the only communication was miscommunication

  4. Kiran Mane says

    WHat the hell? change the title

  5. Chris H says

    Bloody useless. No info, just " woohoo, woohoo music"

  6. SeikiBrian says

    What about the "underwater communications"? No demo with audio?

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