Scuba Diving or Snorkeling if I Wear Contacts or Glasses?

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owner and founder, Laura Parke, RN. In this video, Laura answers a viewer’s question about going scuba diving or snorkeling if you wear contact lenses or glasses. She brings much experience and passion to the world of underwater sports. Visit and see for yourself the awesome opportunities to explore Florida underwater with your own personal and private snorkeling or scuba lesson with Laura Parke, RN.

Rating: 4.88

  1. Bobby A says

    I bought a prescription dive mask and it is well worth the cost.

  2. scott brady says

    why hasn't anybody made a piece of rubber that go's completely around
    the arm of the glasses and under the goggles, making a watertight seal.
    Sell a set of two for a couple of dollars. I went online to buy some and
    found out that nobody has thought of this, it can't be that hard to

  3. Andromeda says

    thank you! i always dreamed of going scuba diving but i thought thats impossible because i wear glasses

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