1. Josh Borowitz says

    U deserve more subs

  2. Addison Roxas says

    10th comment

  3. My Road to Thailand says

    I have a different brand than yours but I don't have any of the issues that you complained about breathing works fine doesn't fog up at all no sharp pieces. I just ordered a new one because I left the one that I first got with my girlfriend in Thailand but the new one will come with the rubber know so I can equalize my ears. I can't wait to try it out.

  4. Ishita Das says

    you all just waste my time by speaking throughout the video

  5. game trollers says

    Why just why

  6. kira c says

    Make content like Matthias, where he does multiple products in one video

  7. JB0830 says

    You ready for prime day. July 11th is gonna ruin my bank account

  8. Alex Charchenko says

    First Comment

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