Future of Scuba Diving Part II

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What does the future hold for scuba diving?

Future of Scuba Diving part 1:

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  1. nobody nowhere says

    There is already decompression tablets….the milatry use them

  2. Duncan Nairne says

    this video made me feel slightly nauseous. "Buoyancy is a pain", "having to swim sucks", "no one likes physical exercise". You are actually a disgrace to profession of scuba instructors

  3. Mark Schouls says

    I'm a dive master, cave diver, wreck diver, and dive guide. I'm an Expat from Canada, and now live in Arbergris Caye, Belize. So in other words, I dive on average three times per day as a guide. Not a bad gig. I love the technical aspect of diving as a sidemount diver. It's fun, and I wouldn't change that for the world. Our reef system is the best you will find anywhere in the Caribbean, and I want to keep it that way. Many people all over the world see no problems with throwing their trash over the boat, and they do not understand the repercussions. Let's say a grocery bag, or rope gets all tangled in the reef, there is a chance that the corrals will die. When they die, the fish leave. And if the fish cannot find food, they will die too. My suggestion (and I do this on every dive) is to bring a bag that clips to your harness, down on the dive. I also pass out two to the divers who will be diving with me. While you are diving, if you see any garbage anywhere (especially the corals), put it in your bag so it can be disposed of properly. And hey, you never know what goodies you will find. I have a number of nice watches, a camera, some go-pros, and a whole bunch of cell phones, necklaces, and the list goes on and on. I've got sunglasses for life. Have fun when you dive, respect the corals by not touching them with your hands or fins, and if you can pull out some garbage, you are saving the reef. Thanks.

  4. dr fox _64k says

    "Even much more better"

  5. Hellrazor says

    Invent breathable water, and replace the ocean water with that special water… problem solved … its that ez LOL XD

  6. Gaming Champ says

    Why are you trying to turn us into slaves?
    Why not use this video as a suggestion video for the companies?

  7. Lance Rexington says

    About scooter prices coming down.

  8. Dmitry Shevchenko says

    Honestly….all I would ever want is my ears to equalize normally like most people can, without the crazy mixture of different techniques that I have to do while constantly going a little back up and down again.

  9. Camren Kunishima says

    Check out the DUI blue heat for hot air going into your dry suit

  10. Glen Kennedy says

    Since when did GPS penetrate water?

  11. Carlo Kop says

    I think we actually have all the technologies for the hud helmet. We Only need to build this into a full face mask. Only there is no GPS reception under water. Perhaps with a bouy at the surface and sonar.

  12. david USMC says

    That is what a rebreather is for.

    Plus no air bubbles when you exhale

  13. Emil Jensen says

    if you want warm air in your drysuite, use argon instead of air. it´s around 25-30 C

  14. Misused Punctu-ation says

    You want to be dry in a wet suit? It wouldn’t be a wet suit then would it? Just sayin’

  15. kjatexas says

    When I was a kid, we didn't have BCs and we didn't have any problems with buoyancy. You got to know how much weight to put on, or take off, your weight belt, by experience.
    When stand alone BCs were introduced, I bought one, but only to use as a device to take me to the surface, in an emergency. I'm really not impressed with the BCs incorporated into the tank back pack. An automatic BC ? Sounds like a candidate to blow you up to the surface, when it malfunctions. The Bends or air embolism, anyone !?
    These comments come after years of SCUBA diving as a kid, and years of working as a commercial diver in the Gulf of Mexico, totaling many air and mixed gas dives. But, you're entitled to your own opinion.

  16. Jim K says

    I've been diving almost 25 years now, and the basics have remained pretty much the same. Yes, there were dive computers in 1994. Here's a few items that either came about, or came into popularity since then that I consider to be real improvements: #1 . The go pro camera. The ability to take hi quality underwater video became available to the masses. #2. Flex hoses- light and comfortable. #3. Shot pack, or soft weight belts/integrated weight systems. #4. LED flashlights and camera light rigs. Can any of you long time divers think of any more?

  17. Ezra Matan says

    this doesn't know know how it works…

  18. Joana says

    i want a button, like the one on the bcd, to blow my mask out. But a normal mask, not a fullface mask.

  19. Cap’n Salt says

    How about artificial gills

  20. Robert Thompson says

    The problem with the self inflating BCD idea is, not everyone is the same when neutrally buoyant. Some people require more weight, some people require no weight, etc. Then there's the level of exposure suit, type of exposure suit, type of environment, and size/type of tank, plus, adjusting for the tank's buoyancy. You'd basically need to require the diver to input all of this information into the BCD's computer so it could make the adjustments pre-dive and during the dive. It's a great idea, but you're going to run the risk of, what happens if a wire gets cut or caught on something, what happens if the system fails, or if the diver fat-fingered wrong information? Personally, I'd rather control my own buoyancy because I know what I need to do, what exactly needs to be adjusted, whether or not I need to drop weights, etc. Plus, if something goes wrong, I'm going to be at fault, rather than the BCD manufacturer in the case of a system failure.

    A HUD in my mask would be incredible, as would a fog proof mask. Actually, a HUD isn't that out of the realm of reality since we already have a pair of glasses that do exactly this(Google Glass). Simply re-purpose the glasses, reshape them to be mask lenses and viola, Scuba HUD.

    They basically already have motorized fins, they're self-propulsion vehicles. Granted, it's dragging you through the water rather than pushing you, but it's the basically the same thing.

    A lot of what you're suggesting requires the diver to basically be covered in electronics, electronics require electricity and some of it(Self inflating BCD, motorized fins, wetsuit) would require a pretty substantial power source. As we all know, electricity and water don't mix. Personally, I'd rather not have to worry about the potential of being electrocuted underwater.

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