E-Waste Dumpster Diving and Garage Sale Laptop Hunting – 2000 Subscriber Special

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If you’ve ever wondered where a good number of my computers come from, it’s usually from places like this. in this episode, I dumpster dive an E-Waste center for laptops and other neat tech, and look for computers at a neighbourhood-wide garage sale event in my city.

Rating: 4.58

  1. e57alex says


  2. lawnmower boy says

    Man I wish I could do that

  3. Jacob Hotaling says

    i just ask my neighbors isf they have electronics they dont want iv gotten makes from pioneer suck has sx 1080 1250 big boys 1250 died on me thew carvers fisher tube gear speakers like jbls and i got a 4790k 16 gigs 1866 and z97

  4. Ben Vapes says

    the thought of all that tech just being destroyed without a second thought makes me pissed lol

  5. Erik-Jan Heida says

    i would just take the whole dumpster with me and put it in my garden lol :)!

  6. Rudra M says

    Did any of the phones work

  7. God damn, I'm drooling.

  8. Computer Nostalgia says

    That would be heaven for me.

  9. staff staf01 says

    u sell any??

  10. HongKong Technologies says

    I want buyer of this wast

  11. TheRealBen10Trippin _ says

    ye im 34 bro and that music just makes me wanna take an eccy and its to loud and just duzny go with the dumpster diving bro plus slow down man i cany keep up with you. ive nae idea whats goin on HAHAHA ave had ma rant see yu

  12. eznix says

    Please leave the music OFF of the videos, otherwise, great video.

  13. GameBoy Freak says

    can you download porn with them

  14. Charlie Mastergeko4 says

    Let me know if you find any Vintage Apple Computers

  15. daniel ahn says

    he reminds me of kid from stranger things


    Dude you shake a lot the camera, buy a gimble

  17. Strypurr Faux says

    Ibm thicc pad

  18. Alda Krejčí says

    I give laptop for me pls.

  19. 32 bit link says

    plz make another version of this

  20. patg108 says

    should take more than just the 486, like pentium 1 to 3s, very useful for dos/9x gaming. Even the OEM dells can provide parts like hdd or optical drives. And that core2quad would of been perfect for high end XP era gaming. Should of rummaged through all the pcs for parts with a friend, never know what good stuff you can find in there!

  21. Dane Perry says

    Lots of cool stuff,i did not know. E waste would let you look at things tuned in

  22. d33p3k says

    Damn… many years ago I was doing same stuff but I was going to the stores which were selling old hardware from companies. Try to find those kind of places. I was taking servers, arrays, network switches etc. Once I even found backup tapes robot.

  23. SidTheJerkNSFW says

    this made my dick hard!

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