Scuba Tech Tips: All About Fins – S03E08

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Diving would be very difficult without fins to give us movement and control. Alec is all about fins today: full foot, open heel, fin straps/springs/bungies, buckles, put on/take off and comfort.

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Rating: 4.92

  1. Wally Brown says

    Love my springs

  2. kjnest says

    Great info!! Thanks!!

  3. Charles Clements says

    Coincidently, Scuba Pro has got a video on this fin that they shot at one of the shows. Come to find out, the reason for the hole located near the shoe in the fin was because there was dead space at that point where the water was not producing thrust. So, they cut it out.

  4. Jess Peoples says

    I have the atomic yellow split fins but I thinking about upgrading my straps to spring straps. Should I stick to the current straps or go with the spring straps?

  5. Jukka Suuronen says

    I'm not a diver, due health issues, but I do like your videos. Your humor on any taken subject is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing your deep knowledge and history aspects.

  6. Herb DeWaal says

    Hi Alec. I love your videos. Very informative. And a great sense of humour. I’ve been diving since 1980 and I still learn something from every one of your videos. Keep ‘em coming!! For anyone interested in movie diving check out my website at .

  7. Marilyn says

    My Force Fins have just plain bungies. Lightweight, comfortable and powerful. I don't know why they aren't as popular with SCUBA diving. Just surfing style sports. But they work great for me under various circumstances.

  8. KMichelle Argus says

    The white fin looks like a sting ray

  9. Viewcards says

    Love your videos! New subscriber here, also quite new to scuba diving. I want to get my own gear. Can’t believe I’ve been diving with snorkeling fins the whole time.

  10. Augustus Maximus ii says

    Hi Alec! Great video as usual. I recently got a pair of the sea wings, they are the best fin I have ever used. Got my first cert in 1979 through a course at the community college my first fins were the Rocket fins, and I had a Dacor Pacer regulator. I remember the rocket fins were very heavy, probably from all that real black rubber. Here is a link to pic of me in the exhumas with my sea wings, and using my Kraken double hose reg.

  11. Alejandro Amaya says

    Hi Alec, just found a very informative video about ScubaPro Nova fins tech which explain why is it good to have holes between the foot pocket and the fin, and it makes perfect sense. hope you like it.

  12. Nicholas Jankowski says

    As many others have already said, this video was very informative and much appreciated. Still, a question: do you have comments about the split design of fins with an opening going from the very end to the toe section of the fin?

  13. JACOB I. STEIN says

    This man takes a long time to say nothing, and makes a lot of noise doing so.

  14. Poket says

    could you please do a video on stories of when you where young and back in the "old days" of scuba i would really like to here thanksss !!!!!!! thanks! -isaac

  15. Never2old-SD says

    Hey Alec, what do you think of the slip fin design?

  16. Scuba Shanks says

    can you do a vid on split fins and show how they work and the reason for them because my dad was complaining how they do not work but i like them and i would love a vid on how they work

  17. AnonHeel says

    the straps makes my foot hurt

  18. Bill Scurry says

    I love those Scubapro SeaWings. Just upgraded to a pair recently.

  19. ParkourEh says

    Those Scubapro Seawings look optimized for flutter kicking. Any ideas how well they perform when modified frogkicking, helicopter turning, and swimming backwards?

  20. Omaha Bojan says

    Love your videos. So informative

  21. iVlogBuzz says

    Alec, can you tell us about the "natures wing" principal and the efficiency of those fins please.
    Lovely video by the way.

  22. Larry Friskopp says

    Wow great advice Thanks!

  23. Douglas Thompson says

    Hello Alec, I think you are a bit off base on the full foot fin. I wore them for many years until the Scuba Pro Jet fin came out and I switched. You just buy the size of full foot that allows a bootie to be worn in the pocket. You are entertaining to watch as you exude such energy. By the way I started diving and have done most of it here in SE Alaska so the full foot fin certainly works in the cold (my beginning class was in January of a cold year). Take care. Doug

  24. murdoc says

    so helpful

  25. Jimmy Danger Gonzalez says

    You remind me of my first sales manager, he taught me a lot about sales, and you are very knowledgeable about your products! I enjoy your videos!

  26. Ronn Folk says

    I love my Seawing Novas

  27. dragonfistbs says

    as a guy who goes freediving as well, I need to clarify something: Closed fin is also worn with a sock (or boot), however it can be worn on bare feet as well so a lot of people do not know about the socks/shoes/boots used for closed fin

  28. Christopher Heavren says

    can you make a series of footage of you diving?

  29. LUIS FRANCO says

    Hi Alec, great video. Tomorrow I will pick up my Seawing Novas, that should complete my scuba diving gear. I just became aware though that scuba pro has a Seawing Nova2 and a Seawing Nova Gorilla. Should I consider that latest version instead of the one the shop ordered. The original ones "Seawing Novas". Thank you.

  30. bin 3loush says

    I have tried sea wing nova, they bungee strap is so tight, It is uncomfortable plus material of these fins differ from the other fins. The material is hard. Try them for at least 10 minutes before buying them. Have a safe dive.

  31. João Nabais says

    Hey Alec!
    I love the series. You should do an episode about full-face masks, and the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of gear for recreational diving.
    Keep up the great work!

  32. Karl Marx says

    Love your presentation, thanks.

  33. Sean Watson says

    Always great videos, thank you Alec, keep up the great video Sean

  34. TheOldManEric says

    The stretch strap fins a great until they get older and come off while your finning along.

  35. Dive_JED says

    As great as usual, keep it up guys

  36. Lennart Sorensen says

    Great video. I always figured full foot was for both snorkeling and scuba diving in warm water, but I suppose they might just be for snorkeling (I certainly just used my boots and strap fins when I was down south some years ago).

  37. Jim DeLucia says

    Which fin do you recommend for the Frog Stroke.  I understand they have to be stiffer.By the way thanks for your videos.

  38. Jeff Greenfield says

    Another great video, thanks.

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