Diving with Pony Bottle

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This equipment also suitable for children, see my other review about this:
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WARNING: Appropriate Scuba certification/training required for safe use!

I use light and compact scuba gear, with 2,7 litre pony bottle. Cylinder has 3000 psi or 200 bar oxygen. This gear only use for recreational and usually carried by a scuba diver as an extension to the scuba set.
This is Mantus Anchor product (Mantus Scuba System) whic is designed to be compact, light and portable. All gears fits into a 50 litre backpack (dry bag).
This scuba gears allows you easy to manuver under water. I tried this gear on 30 feet or 10 meters under water for approximately 30 minute and there is still 100 bar left.
This gears beyond my expectations.

Rating: 4.26

  1. Kyruxst says

    Gaefry how long did the tank last you and what depth were you at?

  2. bubblerings says

    With at least a kilogram of weight, and some (Johnson's) Baby Shampoo in water (for no FOG on glass), you are good to go!!! Easier to stay down with weights.
    -What a great Suit!!! Where do I get one???
    -Scotty in Hawaii.

  3. Pekka says

    Oxygen?? Do you mean compressed air?

  4. Isak Kristiansen says

    Nice vid

  5. Cody Stewart says

    Music is sick bro!

  6. XD Gaming says

    Recomended forwarder ada gak bang

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