1. Maxi Pr says

    Welcher See ist das?

  2. twoknife says

    So I went to both of the local dive stores near me and looked around for fins. Both of them had regular Seawing Novas, but neither of them had any Gorillas. They said that there is very little demand for those since they are "very hard" and most people dislike that.

  3. Patrick B says

    An welchem See ist das?

  4. naiils says

    Hi, I have just found your videos & subscribed.
    I have the Novas & my dive buddy has the Atomic Splitfins. Is it possible to reverse kick with splitfins? I’m trying to convince him to get Novas

  5. Grady Boger says

    Where do you keep your weights? Is it just all in your backplate?

  6. Yggdrasil42 says

    Damn. Had I known they came in orange…

  7. Beep Boop says

    I tried to do a back kick and I moved forward. 🙁

  8. Michelle T. Delos Reyes says

    I wish I could learn to kick just like you.

  9. Disgruntled Mule says

    Love this video. I have Seawing Novas and use the frog kick with them. Just takes getting used to. I would like to get the Gorillas too.

  10. Jean Vannequé says

    n 'importe quoi pourvu qu'on vende meme des conneries

  11. Jakelol1980 says

    Why is it that scuba divers never use a real flutter kick?

  12. John Doe says

    Where did you get t those sweet fins…

  13. Scuba Tuga says

    Thank you for this great videos!!..how go you rate this fins for frog kicking?

  14. Adam Moore says

    Thanks for the follow up video dude, Ill stick to my F1's.

  15. nice job there. but…. there is a but… thise nova will break in thecarticulated area when you will need them the most to perform. So.. i would carry and pay for extra 3 kg than have the fins break on me.

  16. Duglum666 says

    As always, nice Video Achim. But you forgot an important part: Those orange (and the light grey) Fins are the Seawing Nova "Gorilla". Which means they are stiffer compared to the normal Nova. I only tried the normal ones so far and it was extremely wobbly… didn't like it at all. Guess i'll have to try the Gorilla. Until then i'll just continue using my Mares Quattro for Wet- and JetFins for Drysuit diving.. 🙂
    Oh and, did you try the Deep 6 Eddy Fins? They are a jet fin style leightweight fin.. and they come in orange. 🙂
    I'm just to cheap for the $100 plus $70 shipping to germany…

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