Apeks XTX40 Plus XTX40 Regulator Set Review

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Apeks XTX40 Plus XTX40 Regulator Set Review
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This Apeks XTX 40 and XTX 40 octopus three stage regulator set provides a value for money way of getting started with a new Apeks regulator rig.

The Apeks XTX primary regulator is a fully balanced system using a diaphragm first stage that delivers a high airflow that doesn’t reduce at depth or as your cylinder pressure falls. The first stage as four low pressure and two high-pressure ports to support full year-round UK diving. An environment seal provides additional protection against the cold and also contamination. The XTX second stage provides a consist, reliable flow of air with additional free flow protection using a venturi lever, inlet heat exchanger and a special design front cover.

The XTX 40 octopus uses all the same great features and performance of the primary but with high visibility front cover and trim as well as a longer yellow braid octopus hose.



XTX40 Set

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Rating: 4.80

  1. francesco patania says

    I use the same ..

  2. wmdoucette says

    Got the XTX40 octo on my DST-XTX50. The adjustable barrel is the only difference and I just don’t think anyone would ever use the adjuster in a donate air situation… The small exhaust keeps it a bit smaller too.

  3. Samuel Self says

    That's my reg! I use the XTX 50 and Aqua Lung ABS though. Nice set of features IMHO.

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