Light & Motion SOLA 4000 LED Video Lights Barrier Reef

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On my last trip out to Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea from Cairns Queensland I took a set of Light & Motion Sola 4000 LED video lights.

They worked fantastic on my Amphibico Phenom all the way down to 40 meters.

If you are looking for small, portable but very powerful LED video lights without any hot spots, then these babies are what you should look out for.

No colour correction or filters of any kind have been applied to the video clips in POST, the clips are how the camera shot them and most shots are on full wide through the 94 degree port.

Paul Wags

Rating: 5.00

  1. Nigel Barker says

    Do you mind me asking if you auto white balanced or manual whte balanced to the light temperature?

  2. Nigel Barker says

    Looks quite impressive. I dived with two sola 1200's i the Solomons a month ago and they were OK but I felt that they were over rated, so I am holding out to see the SOLA 4000s I wonder if they are so much better as to warrant the high price? What do you think?

  3. Ian Wu says

    Hey!! Im planning on getting the sola 4000 too! Nice video! Did you use 2 lights or just 1? And were the lights at full power the whole time?

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