Dive Rite Ultra Clear Frameless Mask Review

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Dive Rite Ultra Clear Frameless Mask Review
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The Dive Rite Ultra Clear Frameless Mask is a smart quality mask with a large single, tempered glass lens with fewer impurities for a better quality view in the water. The frameless design bonds the silicone skirt directly to the lens for a less bulky mask and reduced internal volume.

Any diver or snorkeller who can appreciate a high-quality glass lens and a wide field of vision with a smart silicone skirt. The black frameless design is prefered by advanced technical divers but is suitable for anybody.

A simple black mask will match a simple black snorkel like the Dual. All masks require preparation and treatment to remove contaminants on the lens like release agents and sunblock. A brand new mask will need preparation with something like Sea Buff and before every dive, a quick Defog Spray will keep your mask from fogging up.

For comfort and protection, we recommend a neoprene Strap Wrap and our Protective Case to keep the mask safe at all times.


Dive Rite

Ultra Clear Frameless Mask

Presented By: Mark Newman
Written By: Mark Newman
Filmed By: Shaun Johnson
Edited By: Shaun Johnson

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Rating: 4.83

  1. wmdoucette says

    Have it. Love it.
    One of the nice features is a big nose pocket for big noses!
    Can’t beat the price and in North America, shipping is usually next day. Dive Rite is a super company to deal with!

  2. ThatJeweler Guy says

    First? Also ever show any super low volume masks? Moved from freediving to scuba and have always just liked the feel and look of certain low volumes, have always used omer zero3 or the Mares X-Free and enjoyed it, didn't really see anything on your site geared for specifically low volume or like freediving / spearfishing?

  3. J John says


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