How to Pick the Best Mask | Scuba Diving Instructor

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What mask should you pick? Clear or dark silicone? One or two lenses?

Today, in my new series of scuba diving equipment : I delve into how to pick the best mask.

If you have any questions about diving, please feel free to let me know down below! I will have 5 more episodes covering fins, wetsuits, accessories, dive computers, regulators and bcds!

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  1. Melissa Spruce says

    Video cut off when you went to grab your flipper?

  2. MyMirmar says

    Best Katt ,what do you think about oval scuba masks, have you try diving with it?

  3. My Vegan Experiment says

    Hey Guys! I have got plenty of questions from divers, about how to pick their diving equipment. So I went a little bit off the vegan track, to talk my other love : SCUBA DIVING.

    Are you a diver? Would you want to go diving? Let me know down below 🙂

  4. Pallavi Tiwari says

    nice video and what a energy ….

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