Budget Regulator Comparison Guide

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Diving regulators and their accessories are an essential item of dive gear; owning your own offers divers the comfort of knowing where and what your regulator has been through and that it has been properly serviced. Having your own regs also means the mouthpiece is your own, so it is clean and has not been in anyone else’s mouth!

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  1. ÉN says

    I found a 17$ chinese octo shoud I trust it?

  2. Genius by Design says

    What is the PSI at the mouth piece ?

  3. Richard Slater says

    I'm new and looking to get my own equipment, in your opinion how important is it having the Venturi and breathing adjustment?

    Also, do you need the same model octopus or just the same company?

  4. Wayne Fox says

    review apeks

  5. Dariusz Szymański says

    why Apeks ds4 + atx40 was not included?

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