Scuba Dive Without Tanks – New Portable Light Weight System

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NOMAD bLU3 floats on the surface of the water while a compressor takes fresh air and pumps it right to the diver through a 40-foot hose. More technical: An air compressor floats above the surface in an innovative, all-in-one, housing while a [40] foot and second stage regulator provide air to the diver. The compressor only sends air when needed by monitoring pressure in the hose, which conserves battery. The entire unit is battery-powered – charged with a single cable and can even be fully charged by an optional solar panel in about 3 hours.

Easiest way to collect ocean data
Data Collection

Part of our mission at bLU3 is to develop a sensor package that seamlessly collects environmental data while you dive. We plan to develop integrated sensors to collect valuable data – such as GPS, depth, temperature (and many more to come) – in order to assist researchers and empower ordinary citizens. By using NOMAD + the sensor package, you’ll effortlessly become a citizen scientist.

The goal is to prevent “Environmental Amnesia” – a term used to describe the unnoticed decline of ocean health over decades. We have to keep track of what is happening in order to stop it from happening.

All you’ll have to do is connect NOMAD to your mobile app and it’ll automatically sync to an online database. The development of the sensor package is underway, but we cannot guarantee that it will be in production by the time that the first NOMAD units are sent out. Stay tuned so that you can keep up-to-date on our development in this area.


Waterproof touch interface
Backpack latch system for easy carry
Segmented Lithium Ion Batteries – carry on a plane!
Auto-inflation – press inflate, and get ready to dive
Watertight storage compartment for phone, wallet, etc.
Built-in USB charging port for mobile devices, cameras, etc.
Color LED Mode Indicator (Inflate, deflate, dive, low battery, etc)
Low-battery alarm – hear the warning even underwater
Optional Solar Panel – Recharges NOMAD in 3 hours
Sensor Package Modularity – setup for future data collection

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  1. TheLoosenit2 says

    This is not new.  This is a variation on surface supplied air systems or hookah systems.  These have been available for a couple of decades now.  Typical battery powered system is about 5K and a gas system is about 2400  Looks like this is a newly developed battery system targeting a sale price of 2k.  That is less expensive and potentially more light weight. Evolutionary, but not revolutionary or new.  As the walkin dude pointed out this is not SCUBA, that offers much more mobility because it is all worn on your body.   Not knocking the product but don't get trapped into thinking it is some new technology.

  2. BLU3 says

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for the video, but we've redirected our focus to getting our first and smallest model out – NEMO by BLU3. It's a super compact system that supports one diver to 10 feet and has a TON of tech and innovation. Our Kickstarter is currently LIVE and we're on route to delivering the first units by this December! Check it out:

    We've learned so much these past few months and are working on re-imagining the NOMAD design in order to bring it to market, but that won't be until late next year. Thanks again for the feature!

  3. Renee11123 says

    That's so cool! Up to 35 feet is still a great range for diving.

  4. Nanthavath SINTHAVIXAY says

    Where can i buy this one? And what is product name? Thanks

  5. Vitomir Maricic says

    uw topics are my favs. Cool.

  6. SegaDream131 says

    No tanks?…no thanks.

  7. the walkin dude says

    Ok, scuba is an acronym, it means self contained underwater breathing apparatus. If you remove the self contained part, it's not scuba anymore. Still cool as hell.

  8. Michael Edelen says

    I could use some more subscribers please.

  9. Cecil Alderson says

    Who is the music?

  10. Matt Nic says

    First things first try to buy this it doesn't exist Shut Up And Take My Money oh you can't because it doesn't exist neither does my money

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