We Tested $80 Vs. $13 Mud Masks

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INSIDER producer Fabiana Buontempo tried Mudmasky, an $80 mud mask and Aria Starr Dead Sea, a $13 dollar mud mask. Each mask promises to detox, purify, and clear the skin. To determine which mask was worth its price, she tested each mask for several days to find out how each mask worked over time. After trying both for several weeks, one worked significantly better on her skin.

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Mudmasky Mask:

Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask:

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We Tested $80 Vs. $13 Mud Masks

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  1. Peachy Queen says

    So the cheaper mask was better! So glad to hear because I just purchased some today.

  2. Courtney Stuart says

    Direct from Dead Sea Israel.
    For smooth and beautiful skin, Dead Sea mud, proved anti aging effects, all natural and very effective for many skin problems.
    Amazing results.

  3. Vicky Mcdonald says

    The mudmasky mask is wayyyyyy better!

  4. leen life says

    Everything is da same.. Ur jus buying da name.

  5. Tavina Sivapalan says

    As soon as I saw HER gonna try it out, I just decided to skip it. The last video of her comparing skincare was so hell whiny. I don't want another whiny video.

  6. Oliver Hollahan says

    YAy im hear early!!!!

  7. peace lover says

    Second lol

  8. WinnieSofiez :P says

    Second 😀

  9. peace lover says

    Love beauty insider so much – Selma

  10. SnowHeart Animations says

    2nd lol

  11. Sakura Animations says

    First lol

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