Triton Scuba Mask Transforms Divers into Human Fish

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Triton Scuba Mask Transforms Divers into Human Fish

Unfortunately, although the Triton may someday prove to be a realizable concept, that day is not here yet.

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  1. WestHaddnin says


  2. Henry Hale says

    It’s fake

  3. Michael Evanoff says



    Can someone please help give me some answers… i just want to know two important things-
    1.What is the actual truth about the Triton???
    2. IS IT STILL AVAILABLE for purachasing ???(& Does the product triton exist till this day? )
    3. Are there any other gadgets like Triton that can do the job of breathing whilst under water(depths) that can be purchased/ found?

  5. SG GAMING says


  6. Brettvalery Brett says


  7. Tom Deacy says

    You just said the same thing twice

  8. Shad ow says

    Bollocks !

  9. Chuck Douglas says

    He’s amazing he actually believes that this is a actual working device really smart people get bored and play with guys like this just for the fun of it because they are not smart enough to figure out they are being used for someone’s amusement.

  10. MMC 33 says

    Everyone seems to have a very negative opinion about this.. And making statements that simply aren't true.. It's obviously still in its development stages and as far as I'm concerned I think it's an amazing invention and one that WILL be a few years down the line be very successful.. Hats off to the inventor, something like this should've been developed years ago…….now can someone pls slap me because this video was made years ago!!!!

  11. MrHotass81 says

    So were can you get it

  12. Ahmed A. says

    Doesnt work or excist

  13. J B says

    its 2018 now, where is that thing..

  14. sumdallasmemes says

    We all know its just plastic and two handle bars

  15. Flugschüler Fluglehrer says

    The Triton Scuba mask is a hoax – unfortunately.And as stated in other comments: H2O is smaller than O2

  16. atlantean 107 says


  17. Kavita rajora says

    it's a maxing out of mind

  18. Kavita rajora says

    it's amazing

  19. Kavita rajora says

    it's amazing

  20. TheEvrLastingGmr YT says

    Why are people saying this is fake? WAKE UP! its the 21st century! Technology is amazing!

  21. Milostar123 says

    I was gonna comment, But yaknow those times when you are so obviously right, but you just dont care enough to say anything?Well this is one of them.

  22. king troy says

    this was fake news

  23. Chirag Solanki says

    Amazing Concept……….

  24. Elite SaintYT says

    when will they be in stores??nvm

  25. Aki Kia says

    its not real. also why dont you got one to show everyone if that were possibly a real thing.

  26. Dsrtfsh says

    I'm not saying I hate your YouTube channel but next time do more research just saying

  27. Dsrtfsh says

    It's been debunked already and it's physically impossible for only air molecules to pass it's like saying oh let's put tea in a tea strainer and hope that the tea leaves will pass but not the tea this happens because water molecules are way smaller than air molecules so it is physically impossible to to breath with this fake junk

  28. Insidetech101 says


  29. aidan A says

    I just facepalmed so hard i broke my face becides if you had a battery that small you could just sell it for mocho$$$

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