REVIEW | Scubapro Nova 700 & 700R

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Relatively small diving light from Scubapro, powered by a single Cree Xm-l2, exceptional quality and workmanship as well as a really nice visual shinny finish.
Can recommend the light, although it is a bit more expensive than similar light from other brands.

This is neither a comercial nore a payed endorsement of the related company.
This content relays on my real personal opinion about the item in question.

Rating: 5.00

  1. Mark Stengel says

    Thought this was regulators

  2. E-Boat tanit says

    Please review light monkey.

  3. caposdad says

    Thanks for a good informative review

  4. M. G. says

    Thanks for this video! This will help to hit a decision for buying my first diving lamp! 😉 ty

  5. kadrik0 says

    Nice light. This was my 2nd choice in dive lights since I am getting to the Scubapro Hydros Pro bcd with my tax refund next year and I know the nova 700 fits well on the bcd. I opted to go with the Invotec Fusion 530. Solid aluminum build, adjustable head beam from 18 to about 100 degrees, 530 lumen, can be ran at 100, 50, and 30% brightness, sos mode, compact, can run on built in rechargable battery w/usb charge, can run on 3 aaa's for when you run out of juice or forget the charger, double o-ring, and magnetic switch. Not that it is a big deal but I like switches better than twisting the head to turn on. It was only $90 w/a $8 ebay bucks at the time so I saved like $40 over the 700 rechargable. I hope as time goes on they update the 700 light to have adjustable power levels and even better adjustable beam and then I would nibble.

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