Shearwater Teric dive watch / computer Unboxing video

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This is the brand new Shearwater Teric scuba diving watch & computer. This is an advanced diving computer that has 5 modes that include free dive, gauge, OC Rec, OC Tech, and CCR. You can program up to 5 gases (both nitrox and trimix). It has a rechargeable battery, AMOLED screen, SS bezel and crystal face. You can customize your GF’s and screens as well. It’s air integrated and has a small profile.It has several watch faces you can choose from and a lot more features! For more info visit

Rating: 4.84

  1. Panox Display says

    Best Oled screen for dive computers

  2. Mattos Industrial says

    very nice, I prefer the perdix, it seems to be more technical, can I be mistaken?

  3. Clive says

    Just received mine 🙂

  4. Snake_Hawk says

    Hi, do you prefer diving with the Perdix Ai or the Teric? Which one of those easier to read and navigate options underwater ,the bigger screen less brightness on the Perdix or the more bright but smaller screen on the Teric?
    Appreciate your feedback and im thinking of getting either Teric or Perdix

  5. Chris Epler says

    Hi 'neighbor' from Kennett! How do you like the Teric so far? Get some time on it yet?

  6. Brett Howard says

    Quick tip on the buddy stealing of computers… My wife and I put custom boot screens on the Perdix AI's and so when it powers up you know exactly which one you have. Also she always centers her zippers and I always keep both of mine on one side on the case so even before you pull it out we know which is which.

  7. Whistler 96 says


  8. MW says

    Really nice dive computer – but expensive – over 1000 USD. I wish it cost max 450 USD.

  9. Pierre Garland II says

    Great video

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