Scuba Tech Tips: Adjusting The 2nd Stage – S05E14

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Continuing from the video “Mixing Brands In A Regulator System – S05E13”, the next step before diving is adjusting the 2nd stage to the actual intermediate pressure from the 1st stage. Alec shows both the manual method of tuning the 2nd stage and how service professionals quickly and accurately do the same with a specialized tool.

Your diving safety is priority #1 so Alec strongly recommends a trained scuba professional perform all 2nd stage adjustments.

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Rating: 4.87

  1. FeralTuckerFella says

    Great vid Alec.

  2. troop1026 says

    Great as always my friend. Still digging out from all the snow this year. Can't wait to get back to diving

  3. Michael Morgan says

    I have an oceanic Delta 4 regulator with a swivel. I dont know if this would work on that? But im not planning to try!

  4. iturribeitia says

    Awesome Video thanks sharing your knowledge and teaching us !

  5. Rob Sherwood says

    Great video Alec, I have now cured an annoying slight freeflow on my safe 2nd regulator with this info, so many thanks for that. Is there a possibility that you could do a Tech tips video on the maintenance and basis servicing of a BCD inflator ? ALL great videos Alec, keep them coming !

  6. Greatwhite sharky says

    Hi, what would cause the 2nd stage slot to be needed to be adjusted? If it is hissing, has this slot moved in the 1st please? Thanks

  7. rick raub says

    Thanks! More videos like this geared to how service is done on scuba equipment. Nice to know what's inside all this stuff and how it work's!

  8. Daniel Mewes says

    Thank you for this video Alec! I just bought a new regulator (Hollis) and wasn't really happy with the required cracking pressure. Thanks to your video I was able to adjust it slightly to open up just that little bit more easily. I'm feeling much better about how this reg is breathing now.

  9. Adventures with Frodo says

    We use to mix abd match stages and regs building cave diving outfits.

  10. John Smith says

    Do you have any thoughts on those 360 swivels between 2nd stage hose and 2nd stage regulator?

  11. Vic Lee says

    I will suggest to press the cap (diaphragm) of 2nd during this adjustment. So that the sealing (will be lifted by pressing diaphragm) won't contact with orifice.

  12. martin bachmann says

    Ooops… I meant to spell "Brother ALEC!"

  13. martin bachmann says

    Brother Alex, thanks again for a most excellent instructional video! As with many other posters here, I had always wondered how a 2nd-stage was tuned? NOW I know!

  14. Elmar Vaher says

    We love you Alec!

  15. Rockin R says

    Mr. Peirce, Thanks so much. After all these years (certified in 1972) I finally understand what tuning a reg is.Chuck

  16. MARVIN LACSON says

    Hi. As i adjust the lever. Yes it solved the freeflow.. but still safe ? Coz i adjusted the lever? Do i need to bring to the taxh guyz for fix? What causes the freeflow? YES I DID DIVE THAT DAY. HEHEHEHE. YOU nailed it Alec!!! Your the Man! Thanks.

  17. MARVIN LACSON says

    Hi Alec… i got some issue here for my 2nd stage scubapro s600. The supplier/seller (PACIFICA DIVE SHOP ) CEBU PHILIPPINES. I bought a new purge cap.they install it. Now when i try to test. Air leaks from 2nd stage. What u think? Does changing purge affects some of it. ?

  18. in2scuba2 says

    Alec, wouldn't it be better to adjust the 1st stage to the recommended IP which the 2nd stage manufacturer states as correct,  then adjust the 2nd stage?  I realize that your adjustment here is a "field" adjustment just to get you in the water and save the day tho.

  19. dally b says

    You have a great stage presence, I’m surprised that some producer has not picked you up.

  20. Bearpilot says

    Hi! What is your opinion on tec single set up where the primary is set on a seven foot hose and the secondary hangs from your neck in a bungee cord?

  21. donktonk1 says

    Alec, as a diver with about 10 dives I was ready to get my own regulator setup. Your videos helped educate me so much and I really appreciate it. Can't wait to dive with my new customized setup!!

  22. Hector Fernandez says

    Alec I will like to know about the "WK " tank or like they call walter key something like that some person sold me 2 tank but many people said no do not use it because is gone blow up becarefull is not good idea I refill the tank and I put in my boat but I have curiosity to know is something is gone happen I don't know could you talk about this??

  23. xxx yyy says

    Amazing video. You are legend

  24. fromtheDweedIbe says

    love all the vids never stop thank you

  25. Garnett M says

    Great help Alec .

  26. Dave George says

    Thanks for showing all the tweaks! I working with 30psi hooka regulater

  27. Dustin Hull says

    I've got a buddy who has some old Dacor Regulators that he really likes.  The problem is when on the surface, it chatters. It is almost as if the secondary valve opens and closes rapidly when he inhales.  It's annoying but it does not affect anything underwater.  Is there a way to prevent that?  Do you increase the breathing difficulty to prevent easy opening? Do you replace the spring?  I'm just curious.  I have learned more from you in these videos than most of my classes and really enjoy your videos.

  28. Jeric Ns says

    Thanks Alec for sharing. The scubapro regulator set I got from you performs very well.

  29. Steven Liu says

    Great video as always. I wonder if you could comment on the Mares Rebel 1st and 2nd stage reg. Specifically, since I will buy it from online and I know it is a rather old model, I am worried that there might not be spare parts for it. Can you please see from these quick photos what you think of it and if the manufacturer still produces spare parts? Thanks so much!

  30. Eric Shelby says

    Have you done a show on how to get parts for vintage equipment I need parts for aquanetic 2 The exhaust valve seems to have a larger post to hold valve in .also a daycor Olympic 800 will need a seal kit soon

  31. Chunny T says

    Thanks for a very useful video you have here. I have a Beuchat VRT30 set. What is the optimum immediate pressure for this first stage? Is this the same across other brand?

  32. JOSH BARRON says

    what is that screw called

  33. travelley mad says

    very useful information/tutorial !!! You´re the rob ross of scuba diving 😉 Keep going !!!

  34. Joshua Kalla says

    Great tech tip!! Thank you!
    Any thoughts on side mount diving? Pros cons, safer or just too complicated?

  35. Jason Wilson says

    Loving the videos… I am very new to scuba diving and love the tis and advice you give in your videos.

  36. ss109guy says

    Great video. How about doing that same adjustment on a Scuba Pro Air 2? Mine leaks just a little bit when diving. Came back from being serviced like that.

  37. Alain Dumesny says

    great video. tip I can put to use right away as I have a one of those mismatch free flow at the surface issue.

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