Aqualung i300 Dive Computer Training Video

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Want to know how to use your Aqualung i300 Dive Computer? This step by step tutorial will make you a pro in no time. From setting nitrox mixes to accessing the logbook, this video will guide you through every function of your new dive computer.

How to use the i300: 0:46
Set Nitrox: 2:53
Shortcut: 4:12
Dive Screen: 4:22
Advanced Settings: 5:18

Rating: 4.27

  1. aaron arnold says

    Thanks so much. Getting ready to dive pt lobos, CA on this rented computer tomorrow. Its good to know, btw, that you can’t mess with settings under water! Super clear video. Thanks.

  2. Elas Mobranch says

    Unfortunately, the data cable to download to your PC does not come with the computer. This simple cable costs about 60 Euros or US$70. This is a rip off why is it extra?

  3. M Markovitch says

    Are these similar functions to the new i200? I can't find a tutorial for the i200 anywhere!

  4. Rick Kinney says

    Great instructional video. I wish all the gear I bought had a video like this! Good job.

  5. Y2H says

    The audio is horrible!

  6. Kurt Schurenberg says

    If you set a nitrox percentage, does it stay at that percent until you change it again, or does it go to some default between each dive?

  7. Vinny Lett says

    hi I just bought. the new i300 aqualung ,great review and tutorial can you talk about in utility the CF (conservative factor) fontiion for normal use sea level use in canada

  8. Michael Newell says

    This video is a good teaching tool.if only we could talk to the dude giving lecture to get any questions on mind about equipment

  9. John Bement says

    Very helpful, quick lesson!

  10. Mohammad AwwA says

    hi thanks for the review. i wonder if you can do one for the Aqualung i200?

  11. Jane Moorhead says

    I just bought an i300 and this video is so helpful. Thanks!

  12. Champion Lock says

    horrible sound

  13. Angus Cattle says

    Great video

  14. Raymond Shaw says

    Hi – Just got my first dive comp i300 and wanted to know if the top protective screen can be removed for cleaning the salt deposits??

  15. hfk1001 says

    great introduction, thanks

  16. Michael M says

    thank you! just got this computer yesterday. ive found a bug where I set alarm to on then hit save and it reverts to off.

    Is it possible to update the firmware with a data cable?

  17. Desi Reuben-Sealey says

    Hi, whats your experience after testing/using the i300? What's the average battery life please?

  18. Kurt Behrendt says

    Are you wearing the i450T and what do you think of it? Are you going to review it? Thank you.

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