1. Aat Wongsawat says

    ดูแล้วอยากไปดำน้ำเลย นานแล้วไม่ได้ลงดำน้ำำ

  2. chaelvick says

    Nice video, thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Aloha Tony says

    ด้วยความบังเอิญมากเปิดเจอ เรา ผช ที่เจอท่าเรือและร้านข้าว

  4. Charles Cunningham says

    I am moving to Thailand and getting married to a Thai lady. I want part of our honeymoon to be learning how to scuba dive. She and I are absolute beginners. Your dive school can work with us. We don't own any scuba equipment or wet suit. I hope you can provide this there?

  5. n v says

    are they going to execute those two poor burmese men that two of the multiple and ongoing koh tao murders were pinned on?

  6. Laame Me says


  7. Kurtis Sanders says

    So this place is closed?

  8. Matt Spurrier says

    great video, high quality editing and great scenes

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