1. Thomas Kilroy says

    what a crock. save your money.

  2. Amazingbrogameplay XD says

    So, it is a rip-off. I saw some other video where it showed someone go underwater with this, but it's pretty much just a snorkel. with two tubes. Might as well just get a snorkel. Or just use scuba gear.

  3. JamesDIcaprio says

    New Level water underworld wow! look this new world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo15T2tA5lE

  4. Alphonso Harmon says

    pinche bato mamon mas prieto que el pinche frijol y ablando ingles, desde que exportamos la alfalfa hasta los pinches burros hablan ingles !!!!, por lo menos que lo tradusca al español mucha gente no lo entiende !!!

  5. Dragomir Ronilac says

    Nice example how to complicate the things without any real need just only to win some money…

  6. thelocustemperor says

    Does the snorkel pieces get in the way when you're arms come up by the side of your head?

  7. William Wang says

    I would just breath like a SWIMMER when swimming… head outta water and back in…

  8. Saku Rato says

    How much 1 set??

  9. LOFT Brad says

    Looks like the USA Site is http://www.powerbreatherusa.com

  10. Abdulrahman Ibrahim says

    its a cool one but too much expensive that cant buy for all family mems

  11. Jonathan Tatler says

    That has to be the worst review I've ever seen! Did you even try it on? Let alone swim with it

  12. CitronBleu says

    please watch George Carlin's video on businessmen because that is what watching you made me think of – maybe you should stick to helping your brother sell clothes

  13. Mark Miller says

    Cousteau came up with the same design back in the 1960s, so it took a Chinese company 50 plus years to come up with a new color of a antique design. didn't work in 1960 and doesn't work now

  14. david tunnicliff says

    you have to be kidding me……………..like i have never ever read about anyone having problems with co2. and, all my snorkels exhale out of the valve anyway. I think this product is unnecessary and overpriced.

  15. bazinga1000 says

    Can dive with it

  16. Filip Petrinović says

    I used to swim professionally and I can tell you from my own experience that no serious swimmers use snorkels.

  17. Eestoyen H2O says

    excelent explanation

  18. Oasis Sharma says

    waiting for giveaway

  19. sadiiq Abdi says

    tnx man but if i may ask which country arre you from

  20. R Garcia says

    Snorkels aren't an essential for swimming.

  21. Paul Kemp says

    I highly doubt you swim.

  22. Thomas Berutto says

    This video would be better if you could show us how to use it and if you enjoyed actually using it.

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