Smaco Mini Dive Tank – SCAM WARNING [Scork] [Spareair][Scopel]

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Warn your friends, this can actually save a life!

This thing is a DEATH TRAP! They are encouraging untrained people to use substandard air for what is effectively SCUBA. When the untrained person takes their last breath and runs out of air from even 3 meters they will hold their breath and bold to the surface, the air in their lungs will expand by around 30% which is more than enough to cause pulmonary barotrauma or an air embolism both of which are likely to kill them. There is a very real possibility that people who do that will be dead before they reach the surface. There’s a reason there’s a 4 day course required to use SCUBA even in relatively shallow water. Disappointed this is being advertised!

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Scammer ads on facebook look like this:
Breathe Underwater! 😱💦
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(Video stolen from SCORKL)

SCAM Sites SMACO (Chinese ripoff, video stolen from Scork)
Smaco Mini Dive Tank

Possible scams

Also sold as scopel


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  1. Spencer Levi says

    So how is it a scam? Are u calling it a scam because the air doesn't last as long as it says it should?

  2. Kristian Kjaer says

    I love how you mention FB allow shit scams! I try to sell CBD products that never killed, overdosed or addicted anyone… And yet I'm banned for life everywhere…. What a crazy world we live in! Thanks for your advise, really liked this idea though! Keep up the good work! Kris

  3. Michał Kalisz says

    Thank you! I wanted to buy it becouse the price is lowest than Spare Air but thanks to you i bought true Spare Air

  4. WholeLottaMiata 69 says

    I wouldn’t really call that a scam, more like unsafe without caution. I’ve seen a few videos on products like these that say “up to 30ft.” There’s probably disclaimers if you actually buy this. It’s really no different than spare air. They’re both tanks with compressed air in them

  5. Make_It_Look_Good G says

    Is in Amazon already

  6. David Hölle says

    If you dive deeper than 10m with a device meant for snorkling you must be kind of dumb, and for your second point, not exhaling while going up is a misstake only an untrained person would make, i wouldnt consider it a scam rather than a product that shouldnt be handed out to untrained people and it should be coming with warnings of what not to do

  7. PapaDero says

    So….It's a scam because they didn't warn you of the potential dangers of improper use of the product in the video? Or, is it because the names printed on the products are different? Forgive me, but I don't think the word "scam" should be used here. I can walk down the street and buy any diving equipment without being certified, but that doesn't mean that the store owner is a scam artist. I get that they very well should have disclaimers and that THAT should be addressed, but where is the scam?

  8. Milos Nikolic says

    Why this is scam? It is interesting that 2 products you mentioned in video are exactly the same(without the fact that one is copy of the other), and only difference is the spare air is advertising it for certified divers and chineese one does not mentioning that….I am a certified diver, and everything you stated in video and all the comments from others are right. it can be very dangerous to use it if you do not know how. You can even use it actually like in the add, if you know how must you behave….so it is not fair to call it a scam just because of comertial which didnt put big disclamer on it (and they should). You also can buy all scuba equipment without certification and knowledge and go for a dive….or, It is just like you could call gun seller a scammer because he sold it to you and did not mention that you can kill a man with it.

  9. Eric Roos says

    I don't think you have to worry with to many diving with this thing. Handpumping takes ages

  10. Peter Delbridge says

    not a scam

  11. MrTheAebi says

    i'm wondering if this Product would work, without be in Danger. I don't mean your diving and get up fast an die, i mean is it possible that the silicon they use is toxic or something like that. I don't want to try it even if i'm not under water cause only that could be very unhealty.

    Hope you guys understand me, i'm from switzerland and my english is not very good 😉

  12. Pratt Project gaming says

    how is this a scam iv used this and it works amazing

  13. Eric Roos says

    Don't think its a scam. but i am scuba trained

  14. JetSurfing Nation says

    Warn your friends!

    SCAM Sites SMACO (Chinese ripoff, video stolen from Scork)

    Smaco Mini Dive Tank. Idea stolen from Spareair product!

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