Mantus Mini Scuba System Test

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We wanted to test the limits of the Mantus Scuba Pack, to do this we used the Mantus Scuba Pack on a variety of underwater adventures:
Documenting Sailfish feeding on sardines to using the packs of the SUP Boards (Stand Up Paddle Boards). The Mantus Mini Scuba Pack gives an easy and fast access to the underwater world and is truly portable.

Rating: 4.61

  1. Brannon Evans says

    I know you have some floatation in a wet suit, but my concern is, that there is no flotation like a BC would give you in an emergency, if you needed to get to the surface and had to wait.

  2. Windows Tech Support says

    Can this be used with a diving floor pump?

  3. Big Ocean says

    U know who's amazing?

    Look the first word

  4. Rusty Lee says

    Sorry, didn't hear one comment about the equipment you indicated you were going to test…Did you like it or not? Any issues? Costs?

  5. Snake Plisken says

    I got certified before Bc's existed. We did dive tables and includes safety stops. With proper training and planning the dive, this is a great little setup but my recommendation is not to exceed 15 ft and yes its more suited for clearing lines off of a prop for sailors or replacement of zincs, scraping the hull and a bit of shallow scuba but you still need the same training , it is not a toy.

  6. Eng. Osama El sawaf says

    Hello dear
    Could you tell me what is your country.?
    Could you tell me how long it can stay under water? And how deep?
    Could I use it some and stop it some? Or if I use it I can't stop it until it finishs it's air?
    Could you tell me how much is this product in your country?
    Could you tell me how much if you send it to me here in Egypt – Cairo
    Thanks for your help..

  7. Aleks Martini says

    They defo don't know how to dive not smooth in water

  8. kopirak kilju says

    does the tank come with the oxygen hoses?

  9. Que tiempo me rinde el tanque con un promedio de 10 metros de inmersión..

  10. Alonso Ceballos says

    If you buy this online what otherr information do you have to give because don't you need to give like scuba certification info

  11. JanSebastian Bach says

    It is not a test for sure….

  12. daan van poecke says

    Darn only have €40 to spend

  13. Boy Bona says

    Can I know the cost?

  14. แจ๊วดี นะนะจ๊ะ

  15. LilProtato says

    I am a 17 Year old with an ambition for Scuba Diving,But my family does not have enough money to buy scuba gear that is $500 and were moving to Belize and I would love to do diving in the Coral Reefs but we can't afford it. It would awesome if you guys could give me a great deal for some amazing scuba gear.

  16. DELTIX EDM says

    Hi never had dive training before but wanted a tip would I need to get training if it was for simple diving like maybe 10-20ft of diving or would it be just like regular swimming and just being able to breath air?

  17. Axe Pro says

    Thanks it helps a lot

  18. Cameron J says

    Can you use regular sized tanks on it ?

  19. JCA ELITE SCUBA says

    According to your website, "Compact 13 Cu Ft tank, is only 12.8 inches tall and 4.38  inches  diameter – sufficient for approximately 15 – 20 min dive time at 30 feet…"

    20 minutes at 30ft would require a Respiratory Minute Volume (RMV) of 0.35 cubic feet (cuft). I can only name a few divers in my lifetime with that kind of breathing rate.

    The diver who was been diving for some time shouldn't feel comfortable going to 30ft on a 13cuft bottle. Even with an average air consumption of 0.80cuft, a 1 minute descent and 1 minute ascent, no safety stop, that calculates to a little over 7 minutes at 30ft.

    I understand you have a product to sell, but without proper gas management training, this tank is all but too small except for a direct ascent from 60ft. Forget about sharing air with a dive buddy…

    Cleaning under a boat, untangling a prop, work on a pool all seems appropriate but open water is a little precarious.

    I would recommend a 40cuft bottle. Same diameter while only a little over twice the length of the 13cuft. It would be almost weightless in the water.

    It doesn't look like there is any buoyancy compensation on the unit available either. If that is correct, it takes a different level of competence to ensure one is neutral at their desired depth. The diver will also be required to not stop kicking to avoid a continued descent. If doing this kind of diving, no weight on whatsoever is always recommended, just like those pictured in the video.

    I know you can't control what people do on their own, but with some of the poor training that exists out there, someone might see this as a replacement to a complete scuba system due to your reduced price.

    Best wishes to your product line.

    – – carlos

  20. Out On The Reef says

    great product and compact design and lightweight

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