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Best snorkeling from the shore in Cozumel Mexico. After spending $40 on snorkel boat tours, A local told me that a place called Playa Corona was much better. You could snorkel from the beach and it was free. That was once true. After hurricane Wilma, the coral reef near the shore is gone there as well as the nearby Sky Reef. I’m not sure if the wave action crushed the reef to a pulp or if Wilma just buried it with sand. Probably both. The deeper reefs away from the shore are still intact and thriving well. You can take several snorkeling tours that will guide you. The best snorkeling form the shore we found was at El Presidente Resort and Spa. For three nights we stayed right on the crystal clear turquoise waters and lounged in the many palapas, bungalows, pools and hot tubs. Ocean sunset dinners were spectacular and The food was so fresh it was practically crawling off your plate. We ended up snorkeling from the beach there the entire rest of our vacation exploring a couple small coral outcroppings and the sunken barge thingie. You can rent snorkel gear at El Presidente and The staff was extremely friendly.

All underwater video was shot by a GoPro Hero Black 5

Guitar music and “Sleep Walk” performed by Pecos Hank Schyma

Rating: 4.87

  1. Jeremy Carter says

    The cup! It's on the move!

  2. smoothsoulsista says

    That cockroach gave me the beejevees! Like, I can look at snakes, spiders, and scorpions, but cockroaches??? And that sucker was huge and black! Yikes!

  3. T J says

    Watch out for Jelly fish there…I woke up on the floor in a Philippine hotel one morning to see a big roach dragging my work sock across the floor. I later fed him to the resident Oscar out in the lobby fish tank.

  4. Mark Russell says

    funny! Thanks for the edit!

  5. iMcstompz says

    2:15 is that la bamba?

  6. Yo fui a cozumeeeeeeeeeeeeeel

  7. Kristi B says

    Do u have to stay there to snorkel there?

  8. Zane Mix Productions says

    8:14 he spazzed out

  9. Nate Hawes says

    Hank I love the videos, keep it up! I visited Cozumel in the winter of 2005-2006, so only a few months after the island was hit. Everything not made of concrete was destroyed, trees looked like toothpicks, and I saw a 100+ft fishing vessel a clear 100 yard inland in the jungle. Also all three concrete peirs were destroyed or damaged.

    We did not snorkel from shore however we took a boat out to where the sea floor drops from 30ft to a couple thousand feet deep over the course of a mile or two. The coral and sea life was definitely affected, but there was still a good bit of life. Some big barracuda hanging out there. As you'd say, happy trails my dude.

  10. M. MGNMARK says

    Hank just found ur channel. U have a new fan . I’m from Brooklyn NYC . ur channel is a breath of fresh air (pun intended) Please don’t change a thing .As well as I wish my wife was not afraid of the water / knew how to swim . It would open a whole new world to us. Thanks

  11. georgecanto says

    I used to live in Cozumel, and one of the animals you never see is scorpions. I'm surprised you found one.

  12. revistadearmas says

    Would they let you snorkel if you aren’t staying at the presidente

  13. Dale Stiles says

    Man, I've been following your Twitter feed and Facebook posts for years, but just now found your YouTube channel. My first video of yours was the lightning show just recently in Aug '18. You're an amazing storyteller. I think I'm going to have to agree with your wife on the bugs though.

  14. Wendell Stamps says

    I'll never forget Wilma, went to bed it was a cat 1, woke up and it was one of the strongest hurricanes ever and looked like it!

  15. Shaman Credible says

    3:21 a bit of a nip slip there lmao

  16. KubotaManDan says

    what an ending…yikes!

  17. Moik says

    that was a really beautiful rendition of sleepwalk

  18. LadyInKY says

    LOL I was climbing up in my chair just watching!

  19. radurazvi says

    Our Cozumel experience….

  20. H. Hustle says


  21. KIKERS MARK says

    Lastimaste a esos animales

  22. D. H. says

    So awesome guys! I'm with your wife….creepy!!! Cool you caught those creatures. Love the snorkeling. Looks like you two had a blast. Beautiful. Never heard of that area. I wanna go now too.

  23. You are absolutely amazing with animals. Once I saw you handling the scorpion, I was certain you would be stung, but you stayed calm and it didn't even threaten you. I'd love to see more of these types of videos

  24. Nate V says

    Your a strange guy but your living a great life, thanks for showing some great footage and a possible destination for me and my fiance to go soon.

  25. Living Walks says

    Thank you for sharing, we've just filmed a long natural sight and sound gopro walk through the town and beach which may be interesting for people looking for a snorkeling beach. Hope it's helpful? We enjoyed watching your guide to and found it very helpful.

  26. shawty xx says


  27. Dakota1 Gt says

    Cozumel is amazing! I’ve been there multiple times and it was so much fun! Next time you go you should go to the Cozumel Palace resort. They’ve got great snorkeling and diving.

  28. avaorchid says

    Of all 70 or so bark scorps only Centruroides exilicauda is considered dangerous to humans I think They recently reclassified that one but I forget the former name something like C. sculpt….

  29. Lisiczka says

    That guy is CRAZY.





    I need to watch more of his videos

  30. Jennie Logsdon Martin says

    I’m having more fun binge watching your adventures!

  31. Megan Tipton says

    Don't even know how my random clicking on youtube landed me here-a simply search of audiobooks lead me to Cozumel! Totally invested in this channel now! Visited Cozumel in April of 2018 and really wish I had found this sooner! Definitely booking differently next time. Thanks, Pecos Hank!

  32. Truther Girl Karen says

    Love ur vids I pray you married an Asian woman from America as sadly ive seen way too many guys get used n left, sorry just can tell your a good guy best wishes

  33. Zoosh Podcast says

    I go to Cozumel every 3 years. And in about 4 days I’m going for my second time

  34. CrocDoc1 says

    Hank, you left us hanging when the cockroach ran! You said "you see this black spot on his head…?" Then he booked and chaos ensued. What about the black spot on his head? Thanks and love your work! CrocDoc

  35. Angela Pierre D says

    I stayed there once….best vacation ever!

  36. Rachel the wren says

    You guys are the cutest!

  37. A-Plus Computer Services says

    beautiful scenery. love "Sleepwalk"!

  38. Amal Dev says

    Amazing B-Roll…so professional!!

  39. Vanilla Gorilla says


  40. Elliot Burack says

    Great composition of sleepwalk. Not an easy one to play and you Played it great !

  41. Robert Willard says

    Excellent video. Love your guitar.

  42. Jimmy Cheatham says

    your so funny buddy keep it up

  43. Kristina Pike says

    I agree with Nat, eff that cockroach! It was wearing boots!

  44. erintreez says

    Lol…male German swimwear fashions…..
    Is there anything that can be done to restore the reefs at the other beaches?

  45. Andre Antone says

    You look like a poor mans Brad Pitt

    Great video nonetheless though!

  46. FlyMeAirplane says

    Next time at Corona go off the beach to the right and stay shallow. Go farther that direction than you'd think. It's 10x better than the hotel! We'll be there again in late May 2018! Loved your creepy video!

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