Spare Air 300 Package Review

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The Spare Air 300 Package is a self contained, refillable cylinder designed as a total redundant back up miniature scuba system. Small, hands-free and nearly neutrally buoyant.
In Case of Emergency, Spare Air provides a completley independant air supply to safely get you or your buddy back to the surface.
Deluxe Holster keeps your Spare Air close-to-hand in case of an out of air emergency. leash and A-Clamp refill adaptor.
Neon Yellow Tank finish for safety and enhanced visability in poor conditions.
Built-In Breathe on Demand regulator with no complicated instructions allows for quick and easy access to the redundant air supply in stressful conditions.
Quicker and Easier than buddy breathing or an octopus as the out of air diver has their own independant air supply without the need for any hoses that can become entangled.

Rating: 4.55

  1. Jack Shrader says

    You need 8.5 cu ft pony bottle to ascend from 100 ft to 15 ft for safety stop then to surface. They sell 13 cu ft pony bottles with a regulator that attaches to your main tank. This would be the smallest bottle I would carry.

  2. how2scuba says

    I've never heard of anyone putting one into practice. Anyone here ever used one?

  3. PYRO BOB says

    How do you know when it’s full when charging

  4. Somali Badassery says

    Can anyone tell me what kind of air I should fill in it.. ?

  5. Razor0Sharp says

    Will this kill me

  6. Adrian Stamm says

    can i fill this with an hand pump?

  7. Bayard Taylor says

    How much time at 12 foot 3 breaths. Or 4

  8. Yup it’s me Mikey says

    Can I use this to go snorkeling

  9. AviationATL says

    can you refill this with an air compressor for shilling dives

  10. david tunnicliff says

    one of the best inventions ever. for anyone who has a yacht or boat with cabin, keep one next to your bed in case of rapid sinking.

  11. Duck Hunter 1303 says

    You can take about 60 breaths in it

  12. Talih Talih says

    Why do they even make it? The amount of air in it is barely enough…

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