Shearwater Perdix Air Integrated Vlog "User Test & Conclusion" vs Suunto EON Steel in Chale Island

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I put together a comparison video between the Suunto EON Core and the Suunto EON Steel at the end of 2017 while we were diving in Truk Lagoon on a Technical diving trip.
This video prompted a number of comments from divers who were strong Shearwater supporters, stating that the Suunto dive computers weren’t as good as the Shearwater brand, and in particular the Shearwater Perdix.
Having never used a Shearwater Perdix it was very difficult to respond, so really this new video was created out of curiosity.

I was very fortunate to be introduced to the fab team at ‘Narked at 90’, who very very kindly loaned us a Shearwater Perdix AI (Air Integrated) to take away on a dive trip to Roots Red Sea in Egypt, so we could spend some time diving with it alongside our own Suunto EON Steel’s. 3 weeks after returning from Egypt we had a planned trip to head to Kenya, to dive at Chale Island.
The Narked at 90 team were only too happy to let us hold on to the unit for this trip where we also filmed this video.

The content of the video are my own thoughts after diving with the Perdix alongside the EON Steel. Neither brand has requested this review, and the Shearwater Perdix has been returned. There is no biased opinion involved.

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Special thanks to the team from Narked at 90

For more information on Chale Island visit

Music in the video is called Immersion by Gavin Luke.
Sourced from Epidemic Sound.

Rating: 4.83

  1. PWF Paulo says

    Just dont forget that, if you accidentally miss a deco stop, the suunto will freeze up and you're alone. The perdix will recalculate it real time. Other, the EON is a pure RGBM, no way to set up GF… it´s a pretty toy, for rec divers, no more.

  2. Bima A V says

    perdix da best

  3. God kinG says

    Changing the shearwater batteries every 40hrs is a hassle

  4. Dax Hinton says

    With the core, do you have to pair with your transmitter each dive or is it lifetime pairing as well

  5. Bima A V says

    superb vid, me perdix a1

  6. LXProgrammer says

    Good Video. I run both a Eon Steel (had for 4 years approx 500 dives) and a Perdix AI, which is a recent addition. With the Perdix in Rec mode, the Eon can be set to be more aggressive (less conservative on NDL) They both give similar stop times

    The Eon's screen is easier to read at more acute angles. The Perdix needs to be viewed more straight on. The Perdix has the advantage of being able to have 2 gasses side by side for Side Mount, the Eon cannot and they refuse to add this feature still. The Eon also has the water sensor which in hot humid conditions can keep your computer on, unless washed and dried

    The Eon (Steel) is a heavy beast in just a rash vest, the Perdix is nice and light. The Perdix can be easily converted to bungee (surgical tube supplied) as can the Eon if you have access to a small torx bit.

    I get 32 hrs battery life on the Eon that's' 4 years on and many charges with screen set to max brightness (I dive and live in the Middle East )

    The Eon allows for more customisation

    Perdix great for Tech divers all planning on the same algorithm but in the past I've had no issues planning across computers for depths upto 50m and deco less than 30 mins

    Currently I still prefer the Eon but I need more hours with the Perdix to really come to a hard conclusion

  7. Lubosh Cz says

    PiezoElectric buttons work by applying pressure to them (around 3:13 in the video!) 😉

  8. glock2312 says

    Thanks for your answers. In the market for a new computer, can’t decide between Perdix ai or Suunto Eon Core. Replacing a Suunto Cobra. Don’t plan to get into tec diving, do appreciate the bigger easier to read display

  9. glock2312 says

    Good video any thoughts on how the Perdix AI compares to the Suunto Eon Core? How does the underwater screen visibility of the screen compare between the two?

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