1. Arnold Stollar says

    Stella cylinders can be visually inspected for rust inside by a dive shop. hydro test is done. To certify a scuba tank is safe to refill to 3000 psi. By a dive shop.

  2. Arnold Stollar says

    Some scuba tanks are made of Aluminum, instead of steel. Aluminum tanks are lighter by a few pounds.They don’t rust as steel ones do. They can be lined and coated too with epoxy or plastic colors. Either cylinder scuba bottles is 40 pounds empty Add a 5 pound air fill, a backpack and weight belt with 10 pounds of lead weights on it, to get its total weight.

  3. Neal Rasmussen says

    OMG! You forgot the most important use of all!!!? PAINTBALL!!!!!! 🙂

    WHAT an oversight!

  4. Gary Bowen says

    Great to see Canadian made SCUBA cylinders. Must remember.

  5. burbman60 says

    Love XS Scuba products Thanks for the cool video

  6. ZilogBob says

    Very interesting video narrated by a real human for a change. Thank you.

  7. MrSailbadthesinner says

    Same it was so obvious she was just reading a script!

  8. Keith Thompson says

    Stupid ass music

  9. Adam Rivera says

    five-thirds? 4:10

  10. winkerdude says

    I worked for Luxfor (?) doing these jobs. An amazingly horrific sweat shop type of work. The draw machines were deadly. The other jobs were labor and time intensive.

  11. joe whiteman says

    does that mean there made of high carbon steel?huum.I know what to make a big knife from now.

  12. Voltan says


  13. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Enjoyed this video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  14. Wahyudi R says

    Apik tenan.nambah pengetahuan

  15. industrial MIT says


  16. Sylviane Prallet says

    Qui peut me traduire dans quoi est trempé le cylindre pour le rendre malléable svp ?? Merci. 

  17. Bud Nunyerbusiness says

    Very nice and informative video.

  18. 沈丘永达 says

    Our company is doing the high frequency heating, heating mode is more quick, efficient, environmental protection, if you are interested can contact us, thank you!

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  19. Jon .knallpistol says

    narrator talks like a bad porno actress.

  20. Kelly Williamson says

    This was a very well presented and informative video

    Thank you for posting it.

  21. Arthur K says

    cool vid!


    Yeah canada

  23. Rexfailed says


  24. Joncka says

    1:36 Fuck you, brain…

  25. Fabs says

    Actually, sodium stearate is soap, but you still need all the other stuff

  26. croissant3000 says

    i hate the background music in such videos…

  27. K. beta says

    lol i am a man look at 3:07

  28. TheSphongleface says

    You must be female.

  29. K. beta says

    this vid is soooo easy to masturbate to

  30. Mentorcase says

    And a thing of beauty is created.

  31. TheRealPaul527 says

    1:36 giggity

  32. NewHotness55 says

    Wow, this was very educating. I gotta say it was a little TOO detailed but pretty neat. And honestly, there should be more vids very much like this one, well explained! 😀

  33. OMBIC says

    lol, thay missid a stage haha

  34. GoodnessGodfrey says


  35. Fulano do Tao says

    Currently working on it you know….

  36. GoodnessGodfrey says

    No they don't you're stupid! lol jk!

  37. GoodnessGodfrey says

    It's not? You must be tiny then…

  38. Gooper Loper says

    I'll take 20

  39. Wopp says

    I have no idea how I landed here and why I watched this…

  40. Pete Dooley says

    Wrong How Its Made Stole this nig nog.

  41. Anthony Russell says

    The Mufuckas took a clip from how its made and just talked over it. talk about plagiarism.

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