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Since bursting onto the scene in the 1950s, following the invention of the self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, the diving watch has always been a popular favourite of the watch aficionado. But being popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you; with that in mind, here are five reasons not to buy a dive watch.

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Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 PAM00305
Rolex Deepsea D-Blue 126660

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  1. Boom Hey You says

    I am Sold

  2. Stefan GRÜBER says

    You actually gave reasons to buy these watches

  3. can't remember says

    Quartz is more reliable for diving. I wouldn't trust automatic movement with my life.

  4. barchenko says

    Divers are my favourite watch category. Most sport models (apart from dedicated pilots and chronographs) base their look on divers (Submariner in particular)

  5. ttr685 says

    Why not to buy dive watches:
    1. You dont like big watches (in diameter)
    2. You dont like complicated/troublesome crown operation
    3. You dont like simple contrast face/ dial design
    4. You dont like no compromised/ single-mindedness design language – specific shape for specific task – nothing being there to look pretty.
    5. You dont like thiccc watches or over-engineered watches.

    There you got it.

  6. Aung Kaung Myat says

    Dude, did u own all of those watches?, I love all of those

  7. Cl Hruaia says

    Dive watch(best watch for everyday watch)

  8. Chris Goetz says

    Your a fucking moron, I’m still waiting for 5 reasons not to buy one.

  9. Ardent Shrew says

    I always make sure I wear my Cartier watch at the seaside.

  10. Mike MacNeil says

    With modern dive computers, a serious diver would never dive with such a watch. It doesn’t calculate nitrogen saturation, bottom time, water temperature etc. They look cool, and they are a fashion statement. I wore huge dive watches for years, but a smaller case like the Rolex explore 2, is a watch you can wear under your shirt, and coat sleeve, it’s much lighter and way more comfortable to wear.

  11. Greg F. says

    If you only can afford one watch, it should be a dive watch.

  12. Barry Lee says

    a tank vs a ferarri.

  13. Raymond Collins says

    5 reasons to buy a dive watch. 1) Durable for daily use 2) water/steam proof too, so no worries 3) versatile; dress up or down, day or night 4) Readable, functional, un-cluttered 5) Long-term demand. Name brand steel dive watches are something you can wear for years, and when the time comes, find a buyer in a day or two. Niche watches can take months or years to sell…

  14. PartiZAn18 says

    Would much rather get a GMT watch or chrono than a diver. So much more functional.

  15. David Reynolds says

    I wear my Seiko SKX in the summer. With casual shirts and tee-shirts they look fine. Less good poking out from a dress shirt. They don’t tend to play well with jackets, especially something with slim sleeves like a leather jacket. I wear it if there’s a possibility of getting soaked. I suppose living on the coast they tend to look more “right” than if you’re in a land locked city miles from water.

  16. Greg Goode says

    Click-baity title

  17. Bill Pii says

    @6:00 how can it expand too much unless it had gas injected into it at depth? If it goes into the water sealed then the gas compresses on the way down and re-expands on the way up to its original volume. So unless it has gas added, at depth and already compressed, I don't see anyway that they should expand more than when it entered the water????

  18. jundyl calo says

    I've been watching your videos for a long time..the reason i don't subscribe is i can't afford any of the watches you show in your videos..but i think its time to subscribe simply because i enjoy your videos.

  19. dropthe_bass 21 says

    I’m getting a dive watch and I’m not gonna dive with it.

  20. says

    Respect to you sir, your videos are another level! Apreciate the work!

  21. Mr Fechu says

    And they're ugly, based on… your own taste. Strongest point ever.
    Why people insists in lost wars. Bye.

  22. Logan says

    Could you make a video on DOXA subs??

  23. كافر Krok O'dil كافر says

    My reason: I don't go diving!

  24. Chris Cook says

    All you need as far as dive watches go is a couple of Vostok beaters for the beach or out in the bush you can wear your more dress watches the rest of the time

  25. Eric Viola says

    These were 5 reasons to buy a dive watch.

  26. soylent green says

    1. You don't dive.
    I havent been diving in 25 years, and then used a dive computer, not my watch. However, I will offer a few reasons to buy a dive watch even if you don't dive:
    1. Face and markings are large and legible.
    2. Luminescence is very handy and not available on most dress watches.
    3. Cases are stainless steel and very robust = tough.
    4. Many come with safire crystal that is very durable.
    5. Bezel can be used for timing everyday chores, like cooking.
    6. Water resistance is good in case of accidental dunking in water.

  27. VidkunQL says

    0:57 "But at night, below the inky black waves lapping overhead, when time is all that stands between you and death…"

    Not to be pedantic, but time is always all that stands between you and death.

  28. Jaym 0 says

    As a certified diver i can say the vast vast majority of divers use dive computers for £50-100 and not many people at all wear dive watches whilst diving

  29. tom thompson says

    but they are cool.

  30. geo dude says

    Actually the best water seal for the case back is the vostok. It uses a ring over a gasket with a spanner type nut that presses the gasket evenly and with no shearing tearing force.
    Face it,a $20,000 Rolex closes the back the same way one would seal a jelly jar

  31. Ferdinand Melchor says

    That panarai looks sexy af!

  32. tommy d u b b s says

    I like tag and omega divers, I wouldn't dive with a Rolex it's too luxury

  33. tommy d u b b s says

    Whoever dived with a divers watch lol honestly

  34. Jeff S says

    You forgot Seiko! Wonder why?

  35. Sam Yoo says

    one and only one reason is enough. you're not a diver

  36. obwanusa says

    Because all your friends know that you can’t even swim, let alone dive, and you just look like some kind of stupid wannabe wearing one. Or not…

  37. Emjay says

    What is that camera? My guess is a K1000. Please let us know.

  38. ElementsMMA says

    Why does the Cartier look so cheap?

  39. Petar Dursun says

    Cause divers dont buy watches they buy dive computera

  40. The Gorn says

    Shit clickbait, just like the Milgauss sledge video

  41. Al Robertson says

    Why does a 2nd hand watch company (which I assume wants to sell watches) produce a vid on why not to buy a particular watch type, a type of which they sell many of?

  42. Jan van Velzen says

    a diver use a computer!

  43. Z says

    dumbest thing I ever saw. this video is nothing but some guys opinion who doesn't like dive watches Many other people can come up with more than 5 reasons TO BUY A DIVE WATCH
    spill a drink? dive watches are made for that!!
    The "Black" he describes doesn't have anything to do with a dive watch since there are MANY "Black" watches
    1 dive watches are COOL
    2 Fun to turn the bezel
    3 keep time from one point to another
    3 easy to read under water
    4 waterproof
    5 most are see in the dark-especially under water
    6 I have had dive watches for years using them in salt water
    Rolex dive watches have been all the way to the bottom of Mariners trench
    this video is nothing but an OPINION that most dive watch owners I know disagree with

  44. Kellington Link says

    I’m confused. Should I feel bad about owning my SKX007 …. or Not!

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