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Adreno’s Lucas Handley, @theunderwaterhunter, shares his knowledge on how you should choose a snorkel for freediving, spearfishing or scuba diving.

Each snorkel is designed to meet specific needs of individuals based on personal preference.

Adreno has a range of snorkels from hard plastics through to soft rubbers, which vary in performance and price. Soft rubbers are generally more comfortable against your face in comparison to hard plastics but are more prone to wear.

The price of the snorkel will be dependent on how advanced the design is. Some snorkels are just the basic U-shaped design perfect for basic snorkelling.

Moving up from this, some snorkels will include a visible colour at the top of the snorkel to make you easier to spot. Purge valve systems can also be included to allow water to be expelled from the valve without having to push it through the top of the snorkel. This feature is generally utilised by scuba divers however some free divers do prefer this feature.

A flexible neck on the snorkel allows it to bend when you’re descending or ascending quickly to reduce water resistance. This feature is prominent in the more upmarket snorkels.

Some include splash guards to prevent water entering the snorkel in windy conditions where ocean spray can become an issue. Alternatively, more advanced snorkels can include a valve at the top of the snorkel, which closes as you descend to prevent water entering the snorkel.

Over time due to UV and salt water wearing away the plastic the clips will break. To prevent losing your snorkel, a double O-ring attachment can serve as a backup to connect your mask and snorkel.

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  1. 77easy77 says

    pretty useless video

  2. Sochetra So says

    I am sorry I can't find your page on facebook

  3. David Seymour says

    I have a full face snorkel mask

  4. AlphaArcticWolf says

    These 2 last snorkels are way too fancy for a quality diving. Anti-splashing top is also useless because saliva accumulates at the snorkel bottom anyway, which forces you to quickly exhale to empty the liquids. Purge valve is often not reliable.
    However, an interesting concept for speargun diving is the one which prevents water from entering the snorkel on 4th snorkel (if it functions at all). This could prevent the creation of bubbles which often scare the fish away.

  5. Bruce Hurricane says

    I'll be honest.
    I have a very small head and every mask i have tried so far LEAKS.
    It leaks just above left and right of my mouth.
    Do you have any ideas or do i just have to keep on using swimming goggles?
    Thanks Jade

  6. Ally Walters says

    question: can i have lucas

  7. Thinking Stork says

    he is sexy guy no ?

  8. Christian Jeffrey Ticar says

    Hi Adreno, can you give a review of your ProBLue Luderick purge snorkel

  9. DarkSagan says

    Whats the name of the last Snorkel?

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