Wet Suits | How It's Made

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Patterns of neoprene fabric fit together like a jigsaw puzzle in order to create a heavily insulated wet suit.

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  1. Mariana Hoyos Zuluaga says

    What machine is used to saw wetsuits?

  2. Met iq says

    Hi guys I want to ask : what kind of material did they use to print those stickers on neoprene?? Please help me

  3. mikexhotmail says

    very nice

  4. Joakim YesMan says

    Exactly what is neoprene made of? Is it polyester and spandex? I´d appreciate the explanation!

  5. Coordinator says

    Even with one on the right size, I'm not getting back in that cold water again

  6. Gary Keane says

    im looking for a 7mm non neoprene wetsuit for diving

  7. Callahan Covington says

    This video is wrong. It's not called Neoprene. Neoprene is a rubber material that's injected with tiny gas bubbles, this offers buoyancy and insulation. Then, fabric is adhered on both making the final product: Neoprene Fabric

    Neoprene itself is never used to make wetsuits.

  8. Sea Word says

    good video .thanks for your sharing.

  9. IIGrayfoxII says

    So wetsuits are another name for seal costume or wrapped shark food?

  10. Michael Jarman says

    where can i buy this glue

  11. Joseph Quinn says

    I want that blind seam sewing machine in a bad way.

  12. Toygan Tunca says

    What kind of glue on 3:43?? Anyone knows?

  13. EyleenGatormenta Vargas says

    what happen if you have to pee?

  14. Happeningwheat3 says

    I'm just watching this cause I half to watch how it's made for stem class

  15. Emi Huyter says

    I watch these so that I can fall asleep

  16. Anti-Gravity says

    Watching how wet suits are made at 2 AM. What am I doing with my life..

  17. LeboBlog says

    This was actually very interesting to watch at 6:51 in the morning, whilst being high.

  18. sonic meerkat says

    That woman makes the end seem so awkward.

  19. Skeptical fry says


  20. James Langley says

    4:45 SHe doesn't look very comfortable

  21. marina ghattas says


  22. marina ghattas says


  23. ryan manoo says


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