1. michael harrison says

    I learned to scuba back in 2003,a massive hurdle,for me,something i always wished to do,i have dived all over the world,met some good people……I can recommend,i worked in a warehouse as an operative,no longer is sport diving for the well educated

  2. Chepstow quarry is nice place!

  3. cromwell13649 says

    If you guys ever want to dive the lakes of Austria .Give me a shout . I can arrange it .

  4. Marilyn says

    Is it deep enough, but not too deep, to get a little narced and make it a little more fun?

  5. dharmapunk5 says

    I live in BC, beautiful diving here.

  6. Mel Makavali says

    poeple dive tru coral reef beauty…and you guys happy swimming truth wrecks and shity visibility….phewww

  7. Mel Makavali says

    nothing in the sea ship wrecks war …shite sea.

  8. Mel Makavali says

    reason is this to see how shity the sea in britain is…

  9. George Tempest says

    I am so pissed off! I have been diving in the Mediterranesn for some years and decided to get the proper PADi- on visiting a local Scuba school here in Cornwall, I was told that if you are over 50, you can't learn to dive anylonger. What a sad nanny state England has become. I will book another holiday to Rhodes and do the PADI over there – up yours UK!

  10. Alex Jardine says

    Have you done capernwray in the lake district

  11. 1046Fay says

    Love diving Cheppy…

  12. Matthew Farrell says

    This video aided my decision to learn to scuba dive, awesome!

  13. dav hew says

    The Diving Centre in Chepstow

  14. becky8688 says

    where was this dive site it looks ace 🙂

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