1. shazmac says

    I managed to change battery… simple! But now cannot get the back in place! Is it a strength thing????

  2. Vivienne Swift says

    Still very useful – it just cost me £1.35 and a small amount of lube to bring my computer back on line…many thanks!

  3. greigmn says

    Thanks, worked a treat!

  4. Jeff Good says

    And what is the best lube to use for the O ring?

  5. Joeri2K3 says

    Thx man – nice procedure !

  6. Heavy Fog Studios says

    Any narrow pointed object will do. There is NO screws to open. You just have to turn the frame…

  7. Harvey Cohen says

    "Lubed properly" is not in the video. It should be!

  8. Heavy Fog Studios says

    Yeah… Got it. The screwdriver is just for turning the frame. Nothing else. Any narrow pointed object will do. Like a pen or so… Changed my battery, and it was easy too. Battery was around 3 Euros, so not bad. Just make sure that your O ring is in good shape, and lubed properly.

  9. Heavy Fog Studios says

    What is this guy doing with the small screwdriver in the beginning and at the end? I don't see him turning any screws? What's the catch? Should i press some small pin down or just turn the frame, or both, or what? It's time to change my Gekkos battery, but i don't want to pay my ass sore for someone to change it…

  10. anne lise says

    Thanks for this demo, it was really usefull, made me change the battary my self, I that hate to even change a light bulb.

  11. arina5 says

    WHAT THE FUCK????????

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