Scuba Tech Tips: Good Thing They Are Stretchy! – S02E10

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Alec shows us, literally, how to easily put on and remove a wetsuit. Something every diver needs to know.

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Rating: 4.94

  1. Riley Zarm says

    When I first learned to dive, I used a homemade solution. 50% water and 50% hair conditioner. I lube up my body, and away I go.

  2. Akbar Kamdar says

    No one ever taught me this way before, I've been doing it in a really inefficient and difficult way for a long time, so thank you so much for this!!

  3. Mike Ramsey says

    I always have the problem of the flap in the back gets into the way of the zipper and I typically need someone's help to push the flap into the suit then it zips up easy.

  4. Bob Harrison says

    the springs down here in florida are 72 degrees year around and after i stay in water very long time i gst cold chills i dont no where to turn to in like a 4ml or higher i love full body i have shorty now i also use it when i pressure wash moms car for her

  5. Bob Harrison says

    hi alex u remember me couple weeks ago i asked u about bootie on this channel of your im just starting out diving for lost treasure but i havent applied for the licence im wanting to no i live in florida im getting old in my age im 46 im doing things slow about diving is there a starter scuba tank i can start with before i go foward and can i get into trouble even if i dont have licences to dive in like small springs here in florida cause i dont wanna waste money on when im building my lungs up to move foward in diving

  6. Bob Harrison says

    hi alec i meant to ask u last night in on of my questions i asked u about the booties but do the make a cjemical spray that u can spray on it after each use to keep it fresh cause akot of times my jobe shorty smells i dont keep it in a bag caise im afraid of getting wrinkles in it and i dont keep it on hanger

  7. Bob Harrison says

    hi alec im in the stage of booties but i havent bought any yet i live here in florida where we have nature springs that are 72 degrees year round when placing a order for my booties do i take my shoe size when iorder booties i wear medium socks im still learning i hate my feet cold thanks for any info u give me

  8. Desert Fox85 says

    Hi, I bought a large 7mm wetsuit but it feels too tight. Should I buy an extra large? I measure 1.72 and wheigh 89 kg.

  9. Capt Naqi says

    use a plastic bag and your legs will slip easly

  10. wsar ring says

    Thanks Alec for all your help! You're the man God bless you sir! Really value the dive info you give out.

  11. Rick Kinney says

    I heard using shampoo and water inside the suit helps. Or a plastic grocery bag over your hand or foot also works to make putting a suit on easier. Any truth to those ideas?

  12. Aaron Marshall says

    I am brand new to diving. Tried my first wetsuit on today. Had some issues to say the least. This really helped a lot thank you.

  13. Kim Edgar says

    Hi Alec! Can you tell us more about dry suits? Fitting them, underwear needed, accessories etc? Thanks!

  14. angelo grimaldi says

    one tip is to wear speedos helps put it on quicker also. another tip is using a plastic and your feet and hands slip right through.

  15. Steve Austin says

    I have a Cressi Facile 7mm with front zip and attached hood, it's sold as a semi dry! It's tight to get on but a size bigger would be to big. Getting it on is do able but to get it off is literally impossible on my own! I just can't get it off my shoulders!

  16. Ibanezjem2010 says

    You should do a vintage wetsuit now Alec where you'd show how you put on your silver wetsuit with the beavertail jacket.

  17. Gregory Boyle says

    Alec, it would be a great help if you elaborated on the necessity of different thickness wetsuits and how affect a divers performance along with sizing.

  18. diver dave says

    OH NO…. you killing your self doing everything the HARD WAY !
    I swim long distance of a mile or more wearing a 3mm wet suit all winter long in 32 degree water and it was HELL to remove my wet suit off my legs until I found a product named SUIT JUICE !
    #1 spray the inside of the legs and arms with a product named SUIT JUICE
    #2 wear a pair of socks ( the pant legs will easily slide on over them )
    #3 once you have your legs and arm in the suit close the velcro behind your neck
    #4 sit down for a minute to help stretch the suit over your butt
    #5 cross your arms over a few times
    #6 stand up and zip up the suit
    #7 the suit will come off A lot easier because of using the SUIT JUICE !
    ** a great product to wash out your suit is JOHNSON's BABY SHAMPOO . Its cheap and works great and it will clean out the dirt – body oils and pee !

  19. Arron McKeown says

    I'm sure you have covered this in one of your videos before but, I learnt to dive wearing a farmer John style with a jacket wet suit. My local dive shop is a scuba pro dealer. They think I need a one piece. I'm mostly in the Great Lakes and in land lakes, not to deep. I'm search and recovery diving and i like the arm movement freedom in the farmer John style without the jacket. What are your thoughts on either style? And information would help greatly. Thanks

  20. Harrison Say says

    If your wetsuit is too tight you can always put a grocery bag over your feet and hands to help it slide over

  21. STLShu says

    Great stuff. If possible, its so much easier for me to take the wet suit off if you jump back in the water. Slides right off (although I dive in very warm tropical water between 27 and 30 c)

  22. Joel Perron says

    Really practical tips !

  23. Rodney Hardcastle-Taylor says

    I used to use talcum powder to get into thicker wetsuits such as 5 mm and 7 mm but now I use diluted hair conditioner. Take any hair conditioner and dilute it 50% with water and put it inside the arms and maybe the legs to make your arms and legs slide in easier.

  24. Mehran Mahdi says

    although I just started diving, but based on some videos on youtube and a few times I personally put on and off suits, here are my suggestions:
    – put on plastic bags (grocery bags work great) on the hand or foot you are running through the suit to make entry easier.
    – with up to 5mm full suits, I turn the whole suit inside out so that putting it on will be by rolling the suit on and not pulling – just like what you said "peeling a banana". Although this method is time consuming, but I rather be gentle with the suit.
    – for front zippered suits (although some manufacturers claim it's easier than rear zippered, but I experienced the opposite in taking them off) when you reach the stage where you need to put your arms in, you need to start both arms at the same time (for me, I'm using a 7mm and it was impossible to enter the second arm once the first one was on) without harming your suit's seams.
    – for two piece suits or jackets, the story is different. You need to bunch up or fold the piece (jacket or pants) all the way down to the opening (just like how you put on a sock – you fold it up to the tip with your thumb on the inside then you pull it up easily while unfolding/unbunching it). Taking the jacket off is the hardest thing, you need to roll up or bunch up the bottom until your armpits, then bend down and try to grab the folded up fabric to pull with your arms over and behind your head.

  25. kevin bem says

    I REALLY enjoy all your videos especially the Sea Hunt ones. I'm 16 and love watching hall the sea hunt videos (trying to pace myself I saw half already) I dive in the great lakes ( St Clair River mostly). Anyways I was just in Tobermory and there I was doing some shore dives (I'm usually on my boat or my father's boat) and I realized I needed a dive flag but was not too sure how to properly use one(I fugured it's like drifting with your boat). So I thought it would be a good idea if you did a video on "all about dive flags".Keep up the good videos!!!!!!!!!

  26. Flatdog Sound & Light says

    In the old days we was using pantyhose , funny but work great !

  27. excuse the misspealing. Darn smartphone keyboard.

  28. Alex, after i dive in a dry suit I have to wash it insidr and out. i live in an apartment eith my family so …. not a lot of free space for all mh diving gizmos. How do yoh eficiantly dry a drysuit. It takes ne about 2 -3 days of hanging, turning inside out . The big problen ard the permanently attached rock boots , you cannot tur those inside oug but you whant yhise dried also, else on the next dive you will get a pretty nasty odor out of them when you wanna dress up.

  29. Alex, after i dive in a dry suit I have to wash it insidr and out. i live in an apartment eith my family so …. not a lot of free space for all mh diving gizmos. How do yoh eficiantly dry a drysuit. It takes ne about 2 -3 days of hanging, turning inside out . The big problen ard the permanently attached rock boots , you cannot tur those inside oug but you whant yhise dried also, else on the next dive you will get a pretty nasty odor out of them when you wanna dress up.

  30. Gareth Dyer says

    Great video Alec & Keviv

  31. Christopher Heavren says

    can you do a tech tip on how to pack a dive bag?

  32. Ted Reitsma says

    Im surprised you did not mention the nylon 'skin' that you can buy and wear underneath the wetsuit making it easier to put the suite on (especially if the suite was still wet from the last dive). Also i was given advice of using the thin disposable gloves ( you see from people preparing food like deli meat) and then putting on the thick neoprene gloves over top. It makes putting on neoprene gloves VERY easy. Word of warning though. Make sure to throw out the disposable gloves or over time ( days ) they will stick to the neoprene when they dry if left inside after the dives for the day are done.

  33. KST Land says

    which do you like better scubapro or oceanic

  34. hotpocketdeath says

    Good tips, but I'd love to see some tips on putting on a Semi-Dry. I have one and it's a pain to get into.

  35. deadspeedv says

    Don't be scared of the old speedo's. Still wear them for diving (in a wetsuit) and boardshorts for everything else

  36. Karl Marx says

    Thanks a million.

  37. Lucus Kane says

    Thanks a bunch! simple and logical

  38. Konrad Cetes says

    Hey Alec, great vids, really useful stuff. Thinking if you could one on how to detached the low pressure hose to inflate the SMB, i recently was in that situation and in the end i had to manually inflate it. Another was what is the best way to use a go pro with a flashlight but still get up close to the subject of the image or video?

  39. Gerrit Leman says


    One tip you could have added when putting on the suit is to use a plastic shopping bag around the foot to glide more easily through the trouses.


    Dear Sir,
    i am half a world away, far on the island of Crete, of much troubled Greece,
    and i am writting to you in order to express my deepest respect on your knowledge passion and loving approach to the world of Sea and the Sea' s followers.

    Thank You,
    its an honour to both hear and see You, as well as being able to do so.

    Best and warm regards from Crete !

  41. EmpiricalPenguin says

    Hey Alec, UK diver here. Great video series so far, thanks for sharing! In terms of suggestions, how about surface marker buoys? I'm thinking:• The different types of SMB • How to use SMB's And what I really want to know as a new diver: • When to use SMB's For example, can they be used for the duration of a dive to constantly mark submerged divers? Can they be used to indicate/aid in safety stops if there isn't a fixed drop line etc. Keep up the good work! Phill Dawson

  42. john b says

    i've seen sooo many different ways but what are the best ways for attaching the octopus regulator for ease of emergency usage and security also ?? …many thanks for your great and fantastic vids and the wealth of your skills and experience is invaluable 🙂

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