GTA 5 Online – Scuba Suit On All Outfits

9 320 – Get the scuba suit on all outfits. Patch 1.43. This is not my trick but wanted to share this.

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Grand Theft Auto V

Rating: 3.53

  1. Caleb Jones says

    You got to have closet in your officer?

  2. Jose Johnson says

    Do you go in the water with the outfit you modded ?

  3. Man this shit awesome I'm a try put a cop belt on it

  4. DJ JUAREZ45 says

    If I do it can I still keep the scuba tank because I only want the scuba tank

  5. Glenn Mcshotty says

    Does it still work?

  6. Ismael Justiniano says

    The sliwest guy

  7. Alpha Sniping Strike says

    I bought but did not show up

  8. KillerShardz says

    I found a way to save the flippers

  9. Daniel Daniel says

    Can u save the outfit afterwards?

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