How To Change a Battery from a Suunto Dive Computer | Suunto Vyper Novo, Suunto Zoop Novo

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Most dive computers have user replaceable batteries and Suunto dive computers are no exception. We show you how to change out the battery of a big display Suunto computer of the current generation.

This video applies to:
Suunto Zoop Novo –
Suunto Vyper Novo –

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  1. 50ft Below says

    If you have question or you want a tutorial for another dive computer, leave a comment so we can arrange that for you!

  2. OneWorld says

    I have a often should we change a new battery? I have bought mein since March 2017 and I have used this Zoop for diving only on vacation ( estimated 3-4 trips a year ) . I didn't want to wait until it start malfunction underwater 🙁 Could you please give me some advise please. Thank you so much , love your video. already subscribed.

  3. Khalid Alaudin says

    Great tutorial .. thanks .. I just purchased a zoop novo yesterday

  4. The Running Monkey says

    Hey thanks for the tutorial, it doesn't look that hard. Does this also apply for the Suunto Elementum Aqua?

  5. kei93302 says

    When putting new O ring in, don't have to add grease to new O ring?

  6. Michael Iline says

    Awesome guide, thanks!

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