Dive Hose Guide

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Hoses come in a huge range of colours, fittings and lengths to customise and replace hoses on your regulator set. We use three types of hose scuba diving; high pressure gauge hoses for your pressure gauges, low pressure regulator hoses for your 2nd stages and low pressure QD hoses for BCDs and Drysuits.

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  1. Mario Ara says

    Hi Mark! Quick question. I’m upgrading to Miflex hoses on my MK25/A700 set. I’m all good with lengths and threads but I can’t find any hose protectors for Miflex hoses. I’d hate to buy some that constantly slip off. Can you recommend some for both low and high pressure Miflex? Cheers

  2. WolfGaming FX says

    Hey Mark,

    I have a question for you
    I travel to dive since I live in Jordan but I wanted to know what kind of regulator is best for traveling divers like me.


    Much appreciated


  3. Yggdrasil42 says

    Definitely going to replace my rubber with Miflex. How can we verify if Miflex hoses are made of safe polyether instead of the unsafe polyester? Is it printed on the hose?

    I noticed Miflex launched a new XT-Tech line in January 2018 that is negatively buoyant and has a non-chafing outer coating, negating the most often cited downsides of Miflex. Seems like those are the best choice for sidemount or long-hose divers now.

  4. HansY says

    Hi i'm diving in Sweden and got rubber hoses. But I'll upgrade to some flex hoses.

  5. ayesha says

    I’m going Malta soon on a scuba diving trip with my school! I’m hella nervous so I’m binge watching all these videos

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