Why Buy BIG SCUBA TANKS ** Want to Dive Longer ??

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So why buy Big Scuba Tanks. Pros and Cons. We look at the Specs, buoyancy characteristics and much more for many big steel tanks.

We also review how they impact your No Deco Limit Diving and why your should be Nitrox certified if you buy one of these larger cylinders.

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  1. K. Green says

    One thing that is very important to consider is the tank size and air consumption of your dive buddy. You can own a 133cu ft tank, but if your buddy is diving an 80cu ft, your tank size becomes moot.

  2. Sean Gillen says

    Thanks Bob. Great video. I'm still working on my air consumption and these tanks would be great where I live in Canada.

  3. Chatting with Mark Stise says

    I have liked and subscribed
    Please wont you do the same!

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