Tusa Freedom HD dive mask review

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Honest personal review of new tusa mask.

Rating: 3.75

  1. Joe Hockert says

    Understand the technology before you review- this was very useless. He didn't wear it in the water but reviews it.

  2. Westley Anson says

    Beginner Snorkeler here…watched a few of your Videos and wonder if you are still using the Tusa Elite HD? How has it been holding up? Went to a shop today to try one out and the fit was really good.

    Any "Snorkel" Recommendations? Always struggle with jaw-aches.

    You produce some really good videos… appreciate them very much!

  3. Theodore Moore says

    lmao the role

  4. Dexter's Den says

    Should have said 3D Buckle moves up/down left/right. Thanks for the review.

  5. Dexter's Den says

    Sweet Scuba 'Stache

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