Octomask – GoPro Mask

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Octomask Review – Freediving and Scuba versions.

I review the Freediver and Frameless versions of the Octomask.

Octomask diving mask with a GoPro mount attached.

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Rating: 4.95

  1. Corinne Steinman says

    Great Review. Thanks

  2. Progressive says

    2:55 – What are those pipes meant for ?

  3. Ke Chariya says

    How much is it

  4. Mehmet Eren says


  5. Scotty Craig says

    On the free diver mask do you find it ever leaks with the extra weight on the seal?? Thank you

  6. jsnowbrien says

    Have you seen the Deepgear GoPro mask it's on eBay for $34.99 I think it's the exact same thing as the octomask?

  7. Dave Kent says

    Gotta get one of these.

  8. Yilei Zhang says

    Hi there. Thanks for your review.I'm interested in buying one of those masks. Is there anyway that you would recommend for keeping the video more stable under the water? I'm afraid that mounting it to my head, it's gonna be pretty shaky/jerky.

  9. jsnowbrien says

    I sell the same one on ebay for $35 great mask

  10. RJS_LOL says

    I’m going to get the octomask freediver soon so I can make some good vids sub to my channel for the octomask freediver!!!!!!

  11. Matthew Lister says

    Thumbs up for my fellow South African

  12. Micah Moss says

    I used to live in Talofofo Guam!

  13. Henry Jacobs says

    What do you call that head cover? What brand?

  14. Pesky says

    I’m in 8th grade, I am looking for a mask to snorkel with, that has a GoPro mount. Any recommendations? Thanks.

  15. Sparryax says

    Would you say the video is smooth ontop of the mask and not really shaky all the time?

  16. Jeanette Tenorio says

    What your name?

  17. Michael Casino says

    what is your outfit brand and style?

  18. Henry Sturn says

    Where you filming on a GoPro hero, just the hero not like the hero 5

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